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Waterslide Manufacturing: Balancing Safety and Thrills

Waterslide Manufacturing: Balancing Safety and Thrills

Waterslide Manufacturing: Balancing Safety and Thrills

Waterslides are a popular attraction in water parks and amusement parks worldwide. While these rides are designed to provide thrilling experiences for riders, safety should always be a top priority in waterslide manufacturing.

This blog will explore the importance of safety in waterslide manufacturing and the challenges manufacturers face in balancing security with providing exciting experiences.

Waterslide Manufacturing- Why Safety Is Important?

Manufacturers of waterslides must adhere to strict safety regulations and standards to ensure that their products are safe for riders.

These regulations must cover everything from the materials used in the manufacturing process to the design and construction of the ride. Neglecting safety measures can have severe consequences, including accidents and lawsuits.

Sometimes, we hear unfortunate incidents highlighting the importance of prioritizing safety in waterslide manufacturing.

Thrill-seeking is a natural human desire; while considering exciting waterslide designs, manufacturers must balance this desire with safety concerns. Research has shown that thrill-seeking can have psychological and physiological benefits, such as increased dopamine levels and reduced stress.

Manufacturers must design rides that provide exciting experiences while ensuring riders are safe.

What Are The Challenges In Ensuring Safety For Water Slide Manufacturers?

Manufacturers face several challenges in balancing safety with providing exciting experiences. One of the biggest challenges is balancing safety measures with cost and customer satisfaction.

Safety features can increase the cost of manufacturing, which may result in higher prices for customers. Additionally, changing customer preferences may also impact water slide design. For example, customers may demand faster and more extreme rides, increasing the risk of accidents. To address these challenges, consumer education is crucial in promoting safe and enjoyable waterslide experiences.

Waterslide manufacturers must prioritize safety in their manufacturing processes while providing riders with exciting experiences.

Neglecting safety measures can have severe consequences. However, innovative designs and a focus on customer education help manufacturers balance safety with providing thrilling experiences for riders. By doing so, waterslide manufacturers can continue to offer enjoyable experiences for their customers while minimizing the risks associated with these rides.

Importance of Safety For Water Park Slides

  1. Regular inspections help identify potential hazards before they lead to accidents or injuries.
  1. You ensure adherence to safety regulations and industry standards.
  1. Identifying issues early allows for timely repairs. It further prevents minor problems from becoming primary concerns.
  1. A well-maintained park with visible safety efforts builds trust and confidence among visitors.
  1. Proactive inspections reduce the risk of legal liabilities and lawsuits due to accidents.
  1. Proper maintenance increases the longevity of slides.
  1. Maintained slides are less likely to develop safety hazards or malfunction.
  1. Well-maintained slides offer a better experience, increasing guest satisfaction.
  1. Regular maintenance prevents operational disruptions.
  1. Inspections and maintenance ensure the park meets legal requirements.
  1. Avoiding costly accidents and repairs saves the park money in the long run.

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Is Safety Inspection Necessary For Water Parks?

Safety inspections are paramount for water slide maintenance in a water park. These inspections can help identify several safety hazards:

  • Colliding into the slide wall due to smaller occupancy.
  • It has poor water quality that still needs to be replaced.
  • Lacking a safety person that would be alert all the time.
  • It requires a better signal structure of the slide.

All these hazards can lead to either physical or internal issues for children and adults.

Inspection & Maintenance Checklist – What is to be checked?

There can be many circumstances that can happen during a water slide operation. Knowing what to check would be better for all.

The following elements are needed to be checked daily.

  • Obstructions in the way of slides
  • Crack or chip formation in the slide surfaces
  • Seals at joints that might leak
  • Loosen points in the slide turns that increase swaying
  • Water filtration in the slides needs to be done appropriately
  • Rafts and tubes in its best condition
  • Sufficient water level in each water slide
  • Conveyor system to have no hazard
  • Other safety hazards in water slides

If the flow rate of water or the condition of the tube or raft is not acceptable, it’s suggested to shut down the ride immediately.

A Guide with few steps to safety inspections

The safety inspections can consist of the following steps.

  1. Check the age of the water slide equipment.

The age of the equipment must be, at most, the threshold. It should be adequately maintained with the other points even if it exceeds. Water park equipment care is one of the top priorities.

  1. Make sure to have authorized water park designs.

There are organizations like the American Society of Testing Materials or ASTM International that properly look at the design blueprints and provide authorization to specific water parks after certain clarification in the designs.

  1. Cooperate with every measure needed to bring issues forward.

The park owners and the safety inspection service employees must work together to determine what could be a future hazard to a visitor. The water slide manufacturers are only handy sometimes, so it’s best to know the issues initially. Also, the documentation has to be provided with enough details.

  1. Check for safety services offered within the park.

The water parks are supposed to have safety services like safety tubes or trained safety guards. Other than that, they also need to undergo a few checkups once in a while to guarantee the fact about being able to save someone in a water slide injury or other issue.

Important practices to follow

Few practices can help out with the safety hazards.Water slide maintenance is one of many things to consider. The procedures are listed below.

  1. Always have a safety guard who can act as soon as some mishap occurs.
  1. Adults should keep a good eye on the children and have them in a safe zone.
  1. Let the people know they should drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration, which can cause severe issues while having fun on a water ride.
  1. Educate water park guests about safe slide usage, including proper seating, posture, and behavior to prevent accidents.
  1. Wear appropriate clothing for the water park to prevent specific injuries.
  1. Try to avoid the evening and make the most of the fun in the broad daylight to prevent unnatural phenomena due to poor sight.
  1. Read all the information and instructions provided at the beginning of entering a water park, which will also designate the warning signs.

These practices will help determine most of the drastic circumstances that can happen in a water park.Arihant water slides also suggest these practices.


The water slides are a fun element that adds a little joy to life. Though there can be issues with the water parks having insufficient or inadequate maintenance, there are ways to solve or minimize those issues for general people.

If the water slide equipment care is heavily prioritized, it is sure that people will come more and help parks boost their revenue, thereby adding a healthy atmosphere to society.

The Science of Waterslide Design: What Makes a Great Slide?

The Science of Waterslide Design: What Makes a Great Slide?

The Science of Waterslide Design: What Makes a Great Slide?

 When it comes to water park activities, giving people an experience they’ll always ​remember is ​very important. For ​people who ​make water slides, ​it’s important ​to understand the ​complex science ​behind slide creation ​so they ​can make slides ​that are ​safe, fun, and ​last a ​long time. This ​piece will ​talk about the ​most important ​things that go ​into making ​an incredible waterslide science.

Hydrodynamics and Flow Dynamics:

 Every incredible waterslide starts with a deep knowledge of how water moves and flows. These rules describe how water moves and what kinds of speeds, twists, and changes a slide can handle.

Engineers carefully study how water flows using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models to find the best slide designs. They do this to ensure riders have a smooth shift between each curve and drop, giving them an exciting but manageable ride.

Aerodynamics for Enhanced Thrills:

 Aerodynamics is an important part of water slide park design that should be remembered. When a person goes down a waterslide, they must deal with air pressure, just like when flying. Engineers carefully shape slides to reduce resistance as much as possible.

It lets them go faster and makes rides more exciting. The slide’s curve and the water jets’ placement are carefully thought out to strike a balance between fun and safety. This careful attention to detail ensures that every slide is the right mix of fun and safety.

Material Selection and Durability:

 Manufacturers must be very careful when choosing materials that can withstand UV light, steady water flow, and users’ wear and tear. Advanced hybrid materials like fiberglass-reinforced plastics are used to ensure they last a long time.

Unique coats also guard against rust and fading caused by being in the sun for a long time. This careful choice of materials makes the slide last longer and lowers the cost of upkeep, giving water park owners a better return on their investment.

Theming and Aesthetics

 Theming and aesthetics play a significant role in enhancing the overall experience. A well-themed waterslide transports riders to different worlds. Attractive visuals, colors, and theming elements add to the excitement and immersion.

Moreover, while thinking about themes and aesthetics, efficient ride capacity is crucial, especially in busy water parks. Designers must consider loading and unloading times, the number of riders per raft or tube, and the overall throughput of the attraction to minimize wait times for guests.

At the same time, water slide manufacturers can’t ignore the needs of people with special needs. Ensuring that waterslides are accessible to individuals of varying abilities is essential. Designers may incorporate step-free entrances, accessible seating options, and clear communication to accommodate all guests.

Safety Standards and Compliance:

 When making water slides for businesses, it’s very important to follow the safety rules set by the industry. Engineers and designers must keep up with local and foreign rules like ASTM F2376 and EN 1069 to ensure that every slide meets or beats these standards.

Compliance not only keeps riders safe but also keeps makers from dealing with possible legal problems. Each slide is put through many tests, such as stress analyses and load-bearing studies, to ensure it is structurally sound.

Maintenance and Longevity

Great waterslide design takes into account ease of maintenance. Materials should be durable and resistant to wear and tear, and access points for maintenance crews must be designed for safety and efficiency.

The science of waterslide design encompasses a wide range of factors, from safety and engineering principles to rider experience and environmental considerations.  While doing all that, the water slide manufacturers also need to prioritize the maintenance and how the slide can last long. It’s all about making more revenue from the investment.

Rider Experience and Engagement:

 Designing ​a rollercoaster ensures riders ​have a unique ​experience. To ​make a complete ​journey from ​beginning to end, ​manufacturers have ​to think about ​where the ​rider sits, what ​they see, ​and how they ​feel.

Safety ​straps and ergonomically ​made seats ​make the ride ​more comfortable ​and safe, and ​bright colors ​and patterns make ​it look ​better. Adding water features like misters and streams in critical places makes the experience more attractive to the senses. A waterfall is more than just a ride when it involves all your reasons. It turns into an adventure.

Waterslide designers aim to strike a balance between ride duration and excitement. A great slide provides enough thrills to leave riders exhilarated but not overwhelmed. The length of the slide and the number of features (such as drops and turns) are carefully considered to achieve this balance.

Innovative Features and Special Effects:

 Water slide makers need to be open to new ideas to stand out in the market. It’s possible to give riders a much better experience by adding extra effects like sound systems, light shows, and virtual reality. When built into the construction of the slide, LED lights can create fascinating results, especially at night.

Strategically put surround sound systems along the slide path and add to the experience with music. Augmented reality goggles can take users to fantasy places, making the journey even more real. The “wow” factor and the unique selling point these features give water parks are two things that make them stand out.

Environmental Considerations:

 People care a ​lot about ​the environment these ​days, so ​sustainability is a ​big part ​of water park slide design. Manufacturers ​are increasingly using ​eco-friendly materials ​like plastics that ​can be ​recycled and water-recycling ​systems to ​cut down on ​water use.

Water conservation measures and eco-friendly water treatment systems are becoming increasingly important in reducing the ecological footprint of water parks. ​Energy-saving technologies, such ​as LED ​lights and variable ​frequency drives ​for pumps, are ​also built ​into lower power use. Manufacturers not only meet customer needs but also help make the future better by reducing their impact on the environment.

Efficient Manufacturing Processes:

 For both quality ​and cost-effectiveness, ​streamlining the production ​process is ​very important. Computer-aided ​design (CAD) ​tools and other ​cutting-edge manufacturing ​methods make producing accurate and ​consistent things possible.

​Each slide part is carefully made to exact specs, guaranteeing a perfect fit. It ensures that the slides are of good quality and arrive on time, which goes above and beyond what water slide manufacturers expect.


 The science of designing water slides is a complicated process that requires technical knowledge, artistic vision, and a devotion to safety and environmental responsibility. Water slide manufacturers can make draws that keep people interested and help water park owners make money by using hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, and user engagement.

Using new features, ensuring safety standards are met, and using efficient production methods are all crucial to creating great slides. To succeed in the B2B world, makers must contact experts like Arihant Water Slides to stay on the cutting edge of water slide design as the business changes. With each carefully designed slide, makers create thrilling experiences and add to the long history of water park fun.


Boost Your Waterpark’s Off-Season Profits: Effective Strategies

Boost Your Waterpark’s Off-Season Profits: Effective Strategies

Boost Your Waterpark’s Off-Season Profits: Effective Strategies

Off-seasons are bad for any business if they don’t adopt effective strategies. You put into high capital and resources, and they remain idle during the off-season. That surely means you require to keep exploring ways for increasing waterparks visitors during off-seasons.

Boosting off-season profits for a waterpark requires creative strategies that keep your venue relevant and attractive even when the weather might not be ideal for water activities.

Effective Way To Increase Waterpark Off-season Profits

Explore Indoor Attractions and Facilities

Invest in indoor water attractions or facilities, such as heated pools, indoor slides, and water-based games. When you do so, you get to operate year-round regardless of weather conditions.

Themed Events and Holidays- Always in Demand

Host themed events during the off-season. Be it Halloween, Christmas, or New Year’s parties with waterpark-themed decorations; there will always be people looking for these attractions. You can offer special discounts to attract visitors looking for unique experiences.

Run Promotional Packages For Corporate

Offer special off-season packages that include discounted admission, food and beverage vouchers, and merchandise for bulk booking from corporates and more. This Waterpark off-season profits tip incentivises visitors to come during slower months.

Start the process of marketing your waterpark as a venue for birthday parties, corporate team-building events, and private parties. Offering group discounts and exclusive areas can attract large gatherings.

Give Extra Discounts During Off-Season to Local People

It’s true local people can wait for a few days just to save. It might generate excitement level in them. Make a marketing strategy to provide discounted rates for local residents. This can help build a loyal customer base during the off-season when tourism is lower.

Collaborations and Partnerships with Schools, Fitness centres, hotels etc

People keep looking for big venues to organize different programs. Explore those companies and people to partner with. It can increase profits in your waterpark during off-peak times. This can bring in a different audience segment.

Partner with nearby hotels, resorts, or other attractions to create package deals that include accommodations and waterpark access. This can attract tourists looking for a complete experience.

Go For Different Marketing Strategies

Utilize your social media platforms to promote off-season deals and events. You can also engage with your audience. Sharing behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, and user-generated content so that people start getting interest into the water parks.

Offer memberships or season passes that grant unlimited access throughout the year. This encourages repeat visits and provides a stable source of revenue.

Make Use of Time for Upgrades and Renovations

Why waste your time in looking for other ways of Boosting waterpark revenue when you can also use the time for improving waterpark’s infrastructure, rides, and facilities? A revamped park will generate buzz and excitement when it reopens.

Organise Weather-Resistant Events

Increasing waterpark visitors during the off-season is easy. The time may be off-season for water-related activities, so go for weather-resistant events. Indoor water races, pool parties, or water-themed movie nights are some of the great suggestions that happen regardless of outdoor conditions.

Plan Advanced Booking for Next Peak Season

Implements an easy-to-use online booking and reservation system. This convenience can attract visitors who prefer planning ahead. When your water park is off-season, you can focus on getting more and more visitors for next season.

Moreover, adjust pricing during the off-season to make it more attractive. Lower admission costs can encourage more visitors to attend.

Invest in Making Waterpark More Comfortable and Enjoyable

You can invest in heated changing areas, comfortable lounges, and heated pools. It will bring visitors, and they will remain warm and cosy during their visit.

Gather feedback from off-season visitors and use it to make continuous improvements. Showing that you value their opinions can lead to increased loyalty.

Off-Season For Waterpark? Additional Tips For To Keep It Weel

Before proceeding with any other tasks, your first priority is to clean your pool thoroughly. Start the process by meticulously removing leaves, debris, and algae. Additionally, scrubbing the pool walls and floor is essential to eliminate any dirt or grime present.

Pay attention to detail in effective pool maintenance. Whether you opt to manage this task independently or seek assistance from pool professionals, the emphasis remains on maintaining a spotlessly clean pool.

Balancing the water chemistry comes next once the pool is clean. This entails managing pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. A testing kit can be employed to gauge the chemical levels within your pool.

For pH levels, the optimal range lies between 7.2 and 7.8. Alkalinity should be maintained between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm), while the standard calcium hardness level ranges from 200 to 400 ppm.

Corrective chemicals must be added if any of these levels fall outside the recommended range. These chemicals can be obtained from pool supply stores or water park maintenance service providers.

Proceed to shock the pool, a process that effectively eliminates any existing algae or bacteria. You can do this through a shock treatment or granular chlorine. Imagine your pool as a battlefield with tiny adversaries.

Pool shocking, you utilise potent chemical—either liquid or granular—that swiftly eradicates these unwanted elements. By shocking your pool, you effectively purge it of contaminants.

When the pool is clean, chemically balanced, and properly shocked, covering it becomes a pivotal step, especially during the off-season. This safeguard shields the pool from external elements like leaves and impedes algae growth. Remove any removable pool accessories like ladders, toys, or skimmer baskets.

Additionally, thoroughly clean the pool filter and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for winterising it. Water park manufacturers recommend consistent inspection of the covered pool during the off-season. Regular monitoring aids in the early detection of potential issues.

Maintain a routine check of the pool cover to identify signs of damage or wear and take corrective measures as necessary. Adjust the water level to match recommendations if needed, considering factors like rainfall and evaporation.


Remember, there is no off-season in the waterpark business when you know how to make use of the time. Make use of the tips mentioned above for increasing waterpark visitors during the off-season. A successful strategy with planning, marketing efforts, and a focus on providing value and unique experiences will bring results.  Contact Arihantwaterslides if you need any customised plan to increase profits for your water park during the off-season.

ArihantWaterSlides is a leading manufacturer of water slides and other water park attractions. We have a wide range of products to choose from, and we offer custom design and manufacturing services. ArihantWaterSlides is committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service.

The Evolution Of Water Park Designs- From Simple Slide To Thrilling Aquatic Adventures

The Evolution Of Water Park Designs- From Simple Slide To Thrilling Aquatic Adventures

The Evolution Of Water Park Designs- From Simple Slide To Thrilling Aquatic Adventures

Who doesn’t enjoy going to water parks? Everyone likes the blue, glittering waves and lively water rides that rush your adrenaline. Be it cute toddlers, energetic adults, or excellent elderly, everyone keeps looking for ways to enjoy themselves at water parks.

However, do you know there has been a significant evolution of water park designs from the first time it was introduced in the 1800s? In this blog, we’ll discuss various aspects of waterparks.

Let’s Take A Brief Look At The History Of Water Parks!

The first water park was installed in Switzerland in the 1800s. This water park showcased future water park ideas with indoor and outdoor pools, falls, and hot springs.

The “Golden age” of water parks began in the late 1900s when the US started building small parks with water rides. Orlando’s Wet n Wild was reputed to be a game changer for the legacy of water parks. That was surely a kickstart to water parks’ rule over the world.

Why Are Water Parks So Popular?

  • No more sweltering summers! Summers are exhausting, as we all know. Summers are unbearably hot and sunny until water parks enter the scene.

The cool wind and water sprays help you forget about your summer woes when the blazing sun shines down on you. Water parks are a popular summer activity, especially for those using our water park designs!

  • Water parks are synonymous with unending delight! Where there is a water park, there is fun! A twisting and challenging water ride will not fail to make you scream in joy, and the waves of the pool shower us with joy and laughter, thereby rendering our day beautiful as well.

Water parks are often regarded as the fountain of youth; we are all unanimous on that!

  • Nobody is forgotten! The water parks are supposed to provide something for everyone. Are you a short-statured individual or a tiny toddler who is upset?

Don’t be worried! Water parks are places where there is something for everyone to enjoy and cherish. And because all of the rides and activities are equally enjoyable, especially the water park designs by us, none of you will have FOMO—fear of missing out!

  • Play with water and show your true self! No one will judge you at the water parks for being wild and enjoying the moments to the fullest! You can be yourself.

You can be an adventurous person. Water parks also have some rules, which are to forget about stress and worries before stepping into the gates. Water parks are the perfect place to let the distress flow away with the water and fill yourself with tranquility.

  • Cherish memories with those you care about! Water parks are a fantastic location to make amazing memories with friends and family. Everyone in today’s society is chasing after jobs and money, which is vital for the future, but it is also critical to take a vacation and enjoy some peace and adventure with your loved ones.

You won’t resist experiencing the thrill at our water parks. They will allow you to spend quality time with your family and create memories to hold dear.

Evolution Of Water Park Designs

Water parks have long been cherished destinations for families. Those who love exhilarating fun and respite from the summer heat always prefer it. However, the journey from their humble beginnings featuring basic slides to the modern is awe-inspiring.

The water slides we know today are known for innovation, prowess, and a great commitment to providing unforgettable experiences. The earliest water park had modest slides and shallow pools.

The designs offered a splash of excitement but paled compared to the immersive environments. The late 1900s marked a turning point with Water park innovations and the introduction of more elaborate structures with a detailed focus on themes.

Water park design started embracing storytelling, transforming aquatic areas into captivating worlds. Various companies in the water park businesses started using the integration of wave pools, lazy rivers, and interactive play zones.

In the 21st century, water park design reached new heights of creativity and innovation. In this era, the evolution of water park designs focused on water coasters, gravity-defying slides, and dizzying funnel rides.

Technology played a pivotal role in the evolution of water park designs—advanced engineering and ride dynamics allowed for the creation of finely tuned attractions. Additionally, integrating lighting, sound effects, and immersive theming transformed water rides into multisensory spectacles.

Points To Consider While Building Water Parks?

Customized And distinct designs

Look for creating truly unique water park designs that provide a sense of fun and distinction. Contact the water park design company that can work to implement your fantastic vision of water parks.

Give top focus to safety

While water parks are a lot of fun, they may also be dangerous. Several incidents have been where the slide or ride resulted in injuries. Being in a water park slide manufacturing industry, Arihant water slides ensure safety and prudence for all the water parks. The safer a water park is, the more people choose it!

More diversity, more excitement

To retain demand as a top brand, choose to develop a variety of slide constructions and styles. Make certain that every one of them always enchants your visitors. You can go for some of the well-known designs, including the twister, roller coaster, boomerang, futuristic slide, and so on—basically, something for everyone!

Everything About Arihant Water Slides

We are a reckoned water slide manufacturer determined to enhance your delightful adventure in water parks. We endeavor to exceed our client’s expectations by supplying them with the ideal water slide type. Our goals include bringing a smile to customers’ faces and opening the door to your delight.

We want to grow our company so that every time a water park is considered for construction, we will be at the top of the list with our fabulous water park designs.  Furthermore, we aim to make everyone who glides on our slides feel safe and joyful at all times without worrying about accidents.

Every water park has its unique theme. The water parks we design have a distinct feature: the brilliance of our futuristic water park design concepts! We transport your visitors to Doraemon’s world! Do you not recognize Doraemon? Don’t worry; our theme water park will allow you to see what the globe will be like in a hundred years.

Water parks have come a long way since the first one opened in the 1800s. Back then, it was just a simple pool with a few slides. But over the years, water parks have evolved into thrilling aquatic adventures with bigger, faster, and more daring rides than ever before.

As you understand the evolution of water park designs, it’s time to contact Arihant Water Slides. We can help you set up a water park to increase your footfall and business. No matter what your interests are, there is sure to be a water park that is perfect for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Season Pool Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Season Pool Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Season Pool Maintenance

Winter is coming, so it’s time to start thinking about off-season pool maintenance. And what’s better than this off-season pool cleaning guide for you? A pool requires cleanness and well-maintenance irrespective of being used or not used.

Mainly, pools are closed during the rainy and winter months, necessitating off-season cleaning. Swimming pools need to be cleaned during the winter and rainy months because they serve as breeding grounds for insects and viruses.

Even though very few people use the pool off-season, it is still your responsibility to keep it clean and follow all cleaning instructions so that it is secure and usable when the pool opens. Here is a guide to off-season pool maintenance:

How To Do Off-Season Pool Maintenance?

Clean The Pool Thoroughly

Before doing anything else, you must clean your pool thoroughly. This means removing all leaves, debris, and algae. You should also brush the walls and floor of the pool to remove any dirt or grime.

A small amount of focus on detail is needed for pool maintenance. Keep your pool immaculately clean whether you decide to handle this task yourself or with the help of pool pros.

Use brushes, cleaners, and debris-gathering tools to eliminate large amounts of leaves or branches and surface filth. Swimmers frequently add impurities to swimming pools, and they can also be washed into the water by rain or wind. Various treatments are required to eliminate or reduce these contaminants to acceptable levels.

Balance The Water Chemistry

Once the pool is clean, you need to balance the water chemistry. Here, you must maintain the pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels. You can use a test kit to determine the levels of these chemicals in your pool.

The pH level requires it to be between 7.2 and 7.8. The alkalinity level should be between 80 and 120 parts per million (ppm). The calcium hardness level between 200 and 400 ppm is standard.

If any of these levels are out of range, you must add chemicals to adjust them. You can purchase these chemicals at pool supply stores or from water park maintenance serviceproviders.

Shock The Pool

Shocking the pool will kill any algae or bacteria that may be present. You can use a shock treatment or granular chlorine to shock the pool.

Imagine your pool as a battleground where tiny enemies like algae and bacteria try to invade.  Shocking the pool simply means using a special kind of chemical, either in liquid form or as granules. That treatment agent should be powerful and can quickly kill the algae and bacteria in your pool.

So, by shocking your pool, you’re getting rid of all the yucky stuff.

Cover The Pool And Pool Equipment

This is one of the best among essential pool maintenance steps for the off-season. Once the pool is clean, balanced, and shocked, cover it. This will protect the pool from leaves and other elements coming into the pool from outside and prevent algae growth.

Take out any removable pool accessories, such as ladders, toys, or skimmer baskets, and store them properly. Also, clean the pool filter and follow theWater Slides Manufacturersmanufacturer’s instructions to winterize it.

Inspect The Pool Regularly

Even though the pool is covered, you should still inspect it regularly. This helps you catch any problems early on.

Keep an eye on the pool’s water level, cover condition, and overall cleanliness throughout the off-season.

Use a pool net or skimmer to remove any leaves, twigs, or other debris. Though you’ve covered the pool, they may accumulate on the pool cover.

Check the pool cover regularly for any signs of damage or wear. Repair or replace as needed. If necessary, add water to maintain the recommended water level, taking into account rainfall and evaporation.

Why Do Off-Season Pool Cleaning?

Off-season pool cleaning and maintenance is a must for several reasons.

Prevents Algae Growth

Untidy and mismanaged pools are home to high and fast growth of Algae. And once algae come, your pool looks dirty and uninviting. It becomes harmful to human health. By cleaning and maintaining your pool during the off-season, you can help to prevent algae growth and keep your pool safe and clean.

Extends The Life Of Pool Equipment

Pumps and filters can get damaged due to harsh weather conditions. So when you follow the Off-season pool cleaning guide and do By cleaning and maintenance, you help your equipment in extending its lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs.

Saves Money On Pool Repairs And Maintenance

Regular pool cleaning and maintenance help to prevent costly repairs and maintenance down the road. By taking care of your pool during the off-season, you save yourself money on repairs and maintenance in the long run.

Best Way For Off-Season Pool Maintenance- Contact Pool or Water Park Maintenance Services Company

  1. Maintenance services companies specialize in maintaining and servicing aquatic facilities. They have extensive knowledge and expertise in water chemistry, equipment maintenance, and industry best practices.
  2. Maintaining a pool requires regular attention. It is also a time-consuming process. By outsourcing, you free up your time to focus on other tasks.
  3. Maintenance services such as Arihantwaterslideshave the necessary tools, equipment, and resources. They have access to professional-grade cleaning tools, water testing kits, and specialized equipment.
  4. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs.  The maintenance services companies set up a preventive maintenance schedule tailored to your facility’s needs.
  5. Pools and water parks have specific safety and health regulations. Those companies are well-versed in these regulations and help your facility meet all the necessary compliance standards.
  6. In the event of an equipment malfunction, water quality issues, or any other emergencies, maintenance services companies provide prompt assistance.

If you have a pool, it is important to make sure that it is properly cleaned and maintained during the off-season. Make use of this off-season pool cleaning guide if doing it yourself, or else outsource the task to the professional pool or water park maintenance company- Arihantwaterslides.

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers!

Making the most of Snowbird Camping Season


Every year from November to March millions of vacationers from the Northern and colder states of the US flock towards South to soak in the pleasant weather and sunny days in what is commonly known as Snowbird Camping. These snowbird campers or rather the snowbird vacationers typically spend about 1-2 weeks down south.

Despite of the current pandemic and strict rules pertaining to travel, it is estimated that 2.4 million active camping households will spend three or more months snowbird camping this year, while another 9.6 million plan to take a snowbird vacation for 1 to 2 weeks1.

It is estimated that 31% households will be snowbird camping this season with 9% being new to the scenario . So how does this translate into big business for campgrounds down south? Check out our fresh ideas on attracting these flocking birds and making the most of the season.

  1. Offer exclusive Snowbird amenities: Snowbirds prefer to mingle in communities and interact with like-minded groups. Offer amenities that tend to bind all of them together. Offer exclusive amenities to these groups during their stay at an additional cost that they will enjoy.
  2. Organize tournaments and events: With a host of exciting upcoming activities and events planned during the Snowbird Camping months, you can assure reservations around that time. Events like Golf tournaments , Watersport competitions, Maze or adaptations of games from popular series like the very recent Squid Games will help boost sales. Arihant’s Aqua Adventura is one such product that can be used as dry / water gaming zone and which can be used to host multiple events.
  3. Create an itinerary for their stay: Since the vacationers and campers are flocking from a different state, they would intend to travel outside the campground too to explore the region. Create a basic itinerary for them with unique places that they can explore – be it a spot, cuisine or shopping space.
  4. Invest in host of activities: Given that snowbird campers are usually attracted to activities and adventures, it definitely works in favor of the campground to invest in multi-purpose attractions. Arihant’s Treasure Ship is a Waterhouse with multiple slides and which also doubles up as an event space that can host barbeque parties and movie nights for guests is a perfect fit for such campgrounds!

Waterkingdom Park Creates A Splash In Nepal

The Water kingdom park and resort situated in the region of Jhapa, Nepal has recently opened its doors to the public. Inaugurated by the Former Prime Minister: KP Sharma Oli on 9th Jan 2022, this park is an important project directed by Mr. Sangraula.

Developed in 2.5 acres of land with an investment of $350 million, the park plans to wow the visitors within Nepal from districts like Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam, Panchthar, Siraha, and Saptari.

The park stands tall with 5 slides tower, an interactive waterplay structure, a 100 HP wave pool that promises to create waves in the landlocked country, and a swimming pool for kids and adults. With a target audience of families, the park boasts of slides that can be enjoyed by friends and family like the Pendulum slides and other float slides, multi racer slides, and body slides with a jungle-themed water play structure for kids. The park hosts all slides designed and manufactured by Arihant waterpark Equipment, a global supplier of waterslides with a footprint in 60+ countries. ‘’Arihant has done over 5 parks in Nepal alone and the kind of market growth seen by the waterpark industry is commendable. Parks in Nepal are ready to explore the opportunities while offering world-class attractions to the public. Water kingdom is one such park that doesn’t fail to impress you!’’ – Arihant Spokesperson

Additionally, the park has 28 rooms that can be rented by guests for overnight stays and to host themed parties/wedding celebrations.



Arihant Water Park Equipment, a division of Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd., has won the highly prestigious CII Design Award 2021 yet again for the second time in a row. This award was conferred for their newest installation – The Blizzard that made its grand entry at the GRS waterpark Mysore!

The CII Design Excellence Awards, acknowledge and celebrate Indian design and innovation. They strive to create new paradigms of design in India while promoting the unique amalgamation of traditional with contemporary design to encourage business continuity, industrial growth, and economic viability with long-term scope.
A grand jury, comprising 13 eminent personalities from the international design community,
including from Italy, USA, Turkey, UK adjourned Arihant’s “Blizzard” product as the
winning design over 20+ other shortlisted products in its category.

A waterslide that’s built for exhilaration, the Blizzard involves Straight, Zero gravity, and High G centrifugal twists to take the riders on a 180 – degree double-banked curved path creating an adrenaline rush as they reach the apex before making a high-speed splash in the pool.

A never-experienced-before ride path, the Blizzard combines two banked curved surfaces in opposite directions forming an “S” shape path. Riders on the float are launched through flume don’t o the first banked surface where they experience outward swing motion touching maximum speed followed by a zero-gravity point. Riders are then launched immediately in connecting banked surface which exerts outward force in opposite direction. Disorientation along the curvy path spikes the thrill and you come down filled with excitement even before you realize what the twist was!

The Blizzard, Arihant’s patented product, is India’s first compound motion slide for the world with upcoming installations in parks across the Middle East, India, and Europe.

With a dedicated in-house team that focuses on developing patented products in the attractions industry that are not just thrilling but also deliver optimized returns to park owners. The Innovations team at Arihant has many such exciting award-winning concepts to their name notable Thunderbay Series, Treasure Ship, Superflow, etc. and this award has added yet another cherry to the cake!



Arihant Water Park Equipment is India’s leading global manufacturer and designer of water slides and rides for waterparks, resorts, hotels, campgrounds & splash parks. With 750+projects across 60 countries, Arihant has created a mark in the industry in the last 3 decades by being the most preferred brand among waterparks. With 3500+ installations, Arihant has aimed at developing innovative products which offer superior ROI to the investor and continue to bring forth new slides that create happy moments for all.

Rise of Resorts and Campgrounds – The short break holiday trend

Rise of Resorts and Campgrounds – The short break holiday trend

Given the fact that every individual was confined to their four walls involuntarily during the pandemic, they are now wanting to step out desperately! As we approach 2022 many countries have cautiously reopened after months of lockdowns while people are seeking to return to normal life in their own safe ways. The pandemic has not just changed the nature of work; it has also changed the way people vacation as well.

If 2019 was the year of road trips, 2020 & 2021 have been the years of Resorts and Campgrounds.

With the ongoing ‘workcation’ trend, people are now planning on spending multiple short weeks away. Of course, part of this has to do with the travel restrictions to countries, making domestic travel more convenient. These large facilities encompassed in nature give a sense of safety as well.

Short-week stays are on the rise especially with small families who are willing to spend for an all-inclusive facility with kids’ play zone, waterpark, and spas that can be enjoyed throughout their 5-7 days stay! A survey conducted among the Campgrounds in the US and Europe concluded that the campgrounds have had profitable business in the last 2 years of lockdown! Club Med Sandpiper Bay, an all-inclusive resort between Miami and Orlando, has seen a 9% year-over-year increase in 4-5 night reservations from June to October. 4-6 night stays are up 55% over last year at The Foundry Hotel, a boutique hotel in Asheville, N.C. Such growth statistics are not uncommon.

As the global phenomenon of JOLA (Joy of looking ahead) settles in, families and groups are planning way ahead and paying in advance for their upcoming short stays.

Campground chains like Jellystone in US and Capfun in Europe have benefited immensely from uplifting their spaces. North Jellystone in Texas calls it their ‘’Best Decision Ever’’ to add a waterplay structure to their facility which has helped them double their reservations.

It is evident that with families making the short stay trend famous, they are looking out for facilities where kids can enjoy the entire day and beat the heat while parents work virtually. Thus it becomes more and more important to have a play zone and a water attraction zone in your facility where kids and adults spend hours. Converting an open space in a dry play zone, revamping an existing pool with a slides tower, adding a waterplay structure, or a small spray park in a vacant space will add that extra bling to your facility and help stand out keeping the guests entertained for days. The addition of an entertainment / water zone automatically translates to added revenue for the facility.

As the after effect of the pandemic, people across the globe are ready to take the plunge, move out and spend on the travel and relaxation, and travel industry is set to move towards guest experience than just service.