Water Sliding At Its Finest

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If you're looking for ideas to have a fun day out, do take a trip to a water park. It is not just limited to children as there are a lot of creative and innovative water slides that appeal to adults and are designed specifically for them.

Below is a list of some of the finest and innovative water slides manufactured by Arihant Water Park Equipment.

Body Bowl

Enter the water slide through a tunnel and wiggle in the bowl prior to plunging via the center into the pool. This innovative circular bowl ride is fun and caters to all age groups but especially teenagers and young adults.

Crazy Cruise

Experience sheer-awesome adrenaline as you go through the body slide. This thrilling ride is hugely popular with the young crowd who crave to experience a zero gravity effect. The ride is built either straight or wavy but the strong and powerful impact is the same.

Crusader Slide

Crusader Slide lives up to its name as this is a U-shaped slide where the riders can enter the slide via a float tube and go through an adrenaline-pumping free fall after which they go uphill before leaving from the back of the slide.

Float Tornado

Just like its namesake, the float tornado is literally like a tornado. In this slide, the rider gets into a bowl sliding via a tunnel slide and leaves through a different tunnel slide after taking turns inside the bowl.

Mini Pendulum

For those who enjoy riding on thrilling water slides, be sure to try out the Mini Pendulum. This adrenaline-pumping float slide is designed to have a crescent moon curvature which joins the exhilarating feeling of freefall and uphill move in fluctuating sequence. Young enthusiasts will relish riding this thrilling water slide.

Multi Racer

Ever wanted to race with your friend while riding a water slide? Well, the fun-filled Multi Racer allows you to do just that. This mat racing slide pushes downhill where the riders in every lane can compete with each other in finishing the race first.


One of the innovative and creative water slides out there is Adventura. It is a multi-level adventure area with a few 16-24 fun aspects for young ones as well as those who are adventure enthusiasts. It has several tasks that need to be carried out by the rider while getting sloshed with water showers, sprinklers and plunging into the pools, located at ground level, while being bound up with harness.

Aqua Funnel

This is a very exciting ride where the rider has to go through a cone shaped circular funnel in a raft via a tunnel. You will get to experience a fascinating zero-gravity impact. Owing to the centrifugal force, it keeps the riders riding on the wall for numerous turns and after a sequence of fluctuations through the funnel, they come down via the closed tunnel and plunge into the pool.

These are just a few of the best water slides of Arihant. If you're planning on developing and opening a water park, you need to first decide on the theme. Then you can contact any custom design water slide manufacturer who will construct water slides based on your preference. There are several indoor water parks as well. So if you wish to go in for an indoor theme park, do hire a reputed indoor water slide manufacturer who can construct great water slides suited for an indoor park.