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Indoor waterparks: The next trend in MENA

Waterparks have been a preferred choice of visit in summers for all kids and families until now!

With the concept of year round attractions, many facilities are putting technology to best use and combining the fun of waterparks and ease of operation with Indoor waterparks.

While most of the US and Europe market has already explored the concept of Indoor waterparks to an extent, it is the Middle East and Africa region that is now discovering the potential of Indoor waterparks.

Indoor waterparks are the all-weather, all-climate attraction that can be controlled and irrespective whether it is cold outside or scorching heat! In the Middle East, in particular trends in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, these three markets are most active where parks are offering newer water based attractions with controlled environment.

It is touted that the indoor waterparks might prove to be the ideal location with overnight stays in the future teamed up with experience, theming and complete family entertainment with pleasant waterpark weather.

Another additional feature offered by indoor waterparks are the retractable structures. Retractable structures are set to become one of the hottest trends in waterpark design as these roofs offer the best of outdoor and indoor environment.

Overall, with the introduction of indoor waterparks, it has become quite convenient for guests and profitable for parks as now irrespective of the hot weather or gloomy days, the park can still be operated leading to a better ROI

About Arihant:

Arihant Water Park Equipment is India’s leading manufacture and designer of water slides and rides for waterpark, resorts, hotels, campground & splash parks. With 800+projects across 62 countries, Arihant has created a mark in the industry in the last 3 decades by being the most preferred brand among waterparks. With 3500+ installations, Arihant has aimed at developing innovative products which offer superior ROI to the investor and continue to bring forth new slides that create happy moments for all

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