Arihant Waterslides


Slide Surfer on the rise!

Like the Blizzard there is no way to know which direction you will go, the curvy path will swirl and swing. Disorientation spikes the thrill and you come down filled with excitement and even before you realize what’s the twist. BLIZZARD is an unique twist to conventional Bowl slides. Form takes its inspiration from Yin-Yang . Just as the same way two complimentary forces interact to form a ynamic system IN Yin Yang , Blizzard combines two banked curved surfaces in opposite direction forming a “S” shape path. Riders on float are launched through flume on to first banked surface where they experience outward swing motion touching maximum speed and followed by a zero gravity point. Riders are then launched immediately in connecting Banked surface which exerts outward force in opposite direction. Each Banked surface has a zero gravity point and the rides smoothly nds with a spiral flume path and lands in the pool.

Width of Bowl / Slide
15 meters

Rider Capacity
480-600 ppl/hr

Rider Option
2 seater

Exit Type
Run Out / Pool

Thrill Level

Drench Level

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