Sunset Waterpark - Arihant Waterslides
Arihant Waterslides


Sunset Aquapark is situated in Pomorie Bulgaria. The client approached Arihant with a brief of having the maximum number of slides compared to any park in that region. Prior to the waterpark, the group had a resort complex just 150 meter away from the location of proposed park called ‘’Sunset Resort Complex’’. Sunset Aquapark today stands as the largest park in Pomorie in terms of number of slides!


The main challenge of this park was SPACE. While the aim was to fit 20 slides with different experiences in one tower, the added challenge was to also fit the technical rooms in the same tower such that there is ease of operations post launch of the park. With such compact and complex design, emphasis on crowd management and smooth flow of visitors across the park and primarily in the tower within the slides became a key task. Considering the space limitations and instead of designing slides from multiple towers, Arihant designed 20 slides from a single tower from 5 different levels. 20 slides with a total THRC of 4500 were incorporated in the tower and 2 water play structures with spray elements completed the park that was ready to host families and young guests.Slide simulation was done to ensure safety of the slides so that despite of its complex nature safety isn’t compromised.