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The plunges, the splashes, and all that one does while having a jolly good time at a water park is because one feels comfortable and trusts that the park is complying with all required safety standards. Safety is an amusement park’s number one priority. Water slides which are full of thrill and play structures with newer innovations are the latest trend in newer aquatic centers, often presenting new challenges to the experienced park operators in terms of operational guidelines.

To ensure that the rides are safe for the guests, bodies like ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing Materials) shortlist design, safety and operational guidelines for water park equipment manufacturers. All the required safety measures that the manufacturers need to incorporate while designing water slides and play structures are given out by these organizations.

Standards on design and manufacture, testing, operation, maintenance, inspection, quality assurance and more are established by the F-24 Committee.These standards are frequently reviewed to keep up with the use of latest technologies and hence get adopted by various governmental jurisdictions. Most of the standards are subject to the local governmental codes, safety inspections by the government officials and insurance companies.

At Arihant Water Park Equipment, our engineers first try to understand if the safety guidelines and other specific instructions as per that particular country are being followed, as many of our projects are international projects. Our team follows detailed manufacturer guidelines for inspection and safety purposes. If required, inspectors from the client’s end can undertake safety audits and make sure that the necessary process is being followed. These audits might take place on a monthly, weekly or even yearly basis. But Arihant’s dedicated workforce is always ready to take up the challenge and clear the audits as and when they are held.

Consistency in water slide manufacturing and installation is one of the key aspects that Arihant looks into while manufacturing water slides and water play structures. A design engineer carries out a detailed design analysis and certifies the slide or the play structure in accordance with the relevant safety standards. If required the testing laboratories are booked in advance as per the defined protocols.

So the next time you visit a water park with equipment or design by Arihant, be assured of its safety and have a great time!

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