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Waterparks in Summer 2022

Summer 2022 is fast approaching and is just a couple months away. With the entire wave of pandemic being slowed down, all are excited for the upcoming summers. While everyone is geared to come back to the parks, is your park summer ready? Follow the 3 point rule to be on mark and make an absolute profitable summer season

  1. Park maintenance: Your Park can look its best when maintained periodically. Post every season, park maintenance is a must and is a sure-shot way of increasing the life of slides. If you are unable to add new attractions to the park, you can still uplift the park by giving it a makeover with a little slide maintenance.


  1. Something new for the guests: Guests love coming to back to something new. They already love your park but you need to give them a compelling reason to consider you again and spend time at your facility. And what better than introducing a new space! This space can be either a new waterslide, a gaming zone, a kiddie pool, and slides, or just a small spray park for kids. As long as it can entertain guests and they can spend hours soaking in it, it is worth the shot.


  1. Marketing the ‘new this season’ aptly: A park may add or furnish all that they want for the guests to enjoy but if they don’t market it well among its audience, all efforts will go in vain. Speak about all that’s happening at your park even before the season has started. Give your guests a peak-a-boo at what is happening at the park and what to expect when they come back. Get them excited for it and build up the entire rush towards the opening of the new season. Roll out advance bookings to the park and give freebies or discounts for guests who sign up before the deadline.

These small yet impactful points are a sure way of getting the guests excited for the new season and bringing them back to the park making it an absolutely amazing summer of 2022!

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