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Why should you revive your waterpark in 2022


With the scare of pandemic put behind us, everyone is excited to return to the waterparks this summer. The entire water attractions industry with the hotels, resorts and campgrounds are gearing up for a fulfilled back-to-the park season! With such high demand, is your park ready to take on the guests?

If not, here’s why you immediately need to revive your waterpark for the summer of 2022!

  1. Aging Waterparks Receive High Complaints: The Park has been shut for almost 2 seasons given the pandemic and the slides have been rarely used/maintained. These aging waterslides are risky and give rise to complaints. If not new slides, it is still advisable to get all the waterslides checked and run maintenance from a reputed company.
  2. A Slide and a Pool Isn’t Enough: When a guest is planning for a trip to your facility, especially a hotel/campground, he is planning on investing a couple of days at the facility with his family. In this scenario, just having a slide and pool doesn’t suffice the guests’ needs. They are looking for hours of fun and for that you need attractions that can excite and entertain them for hours. Having a water play structure, thrill rides or even a spray pad ensures unlimited fun and helps rise above the competition
  3. Attractions for All Ages: Parks and campgrounds are a haven for families where they spend hours together. When catering to such audiences, it is always better to have attractions that people of all ages can enjoy. A mix of rides like play structures, float slides, and lazy river adds to the overall family vibe
  4. Your Park is Oversold or Overcrowded: Guests love to return to their favorite place when offered something new! If you have been welcoming guests to the same 10 slides every year, it’s time to bring in something new. It need not be big but it definitely needs to be something new
  5. You Didn’t Hit Your Sales Goals: If you haven’t been able to attract visitors in the last season and have faced a slack season, it is often a good idea to introduce something exciting to draw in guests. Read how the North Jellystone Texas Campground added a water play structure from Arihant and had its reservations doubled. A similar kind of attraction can do wonders to your facility.
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