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Deciphering The Luxury Real Estate Market Boom: Play Features Splash out More Cash

Deciphering The Luxury Real Estate Market Boom: Play Features Splash out More Cash

The pandemic may have encumbered the real estate market, but the zeal with which people are turning to luxury homes is unprecedented. Dispelling the pandemic blues, many real estate majors have started selling luxury residential properties that utilize avant-garde programming in the form of “vertical country clubs,” yoga studios, game rooms, and various childcare and hospitality services.

Because of these innovative ideas, luxury real estate has even more potential than the regular real estate market, especially for those people with financial power.

Customers now expect bespoke experiences for an exclusive lifestyle, with the aforementioned programming driving the property values higher over time. Ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNI) have taken advantage of the positive changes in realty regulations, and are investing in luxury homes with unique features and facilities.

Water Attractions: The Key to Refining Luxury Real Estate!

When fantastical elements are built in the vicinity, such as water attractions and amusement parks, property values rise based on the success of that element.  Recently, the Metro Development Group, a real estate company in the U.S., partnered with an international innovation company to build the 7-acre Epperson Lagoon in Wesley Chapel.

This is a luxury real estate property whose values will rise in time as the water attraction builds its brand value. Epperson is the master-planned community surrounding the Lagoon, with premium houses and condos for people looking to make use of those high property values.  The Lagoon holds several fantastic features that bring in people from all over the state, and even country.

  • 7-Acre Pool
  • Floating Water Obstacle Course
  • 50-feet Inflatable Slide

The latter is the main water attraction in the Epperson Lagoon. As you can imagine, water play structures like these redirect so many consumers to commercial establishments. They increase the brand value of the project and create favorable reviews among the populace.  All this entails one thing in the larger picture: rising property values in the surrounding areas.

Themed Water Play Structures Can Be an Even Bigger Draw

Themed water play structures can be an even bigger attraction than a single-function structure like the aforementioned inflatable slide. Here are several benefits they hold in improving property values.


  • Major Marketing Point: Most themed water attractions have a fantastical storytelling element to them that aids in building brand value. You could have one structure themed on a pirate ship, that opens up advertisements, merchandise, and costume ideas that follow that theme.
  • Premium Rates Chargeable: Owners can charge premium rates when they have a themed water play structure that engages families for long hours.
  • Engaged Residents: Residents of the neighbourhood will consistently throng the vicinity of the water play structure. Children are especially fond of the fantastic theme elements of these products; happy children usually entails happy families!

When residents are pleased, it entails the community’s coherence and familiarity with each other, and that ensures that they make enduring relationships and cultivate a sensitive stewardship of the land. The sustainability of the property rises with a caring and trusting community behind it, ready to pay good money to engage in its attractions. This holistic process improves property values, and which real estate developer can take a pass on that?

Avoid This 1  Mistake When Opening Your Water Park

Avoid This 1 Mistake When Opening Your Water Park

A waterpark is an intricately detailed project which requires a host of people to work on simultaneously in order to woo the visitors. Months of technical research and development are spent in creating a successful park that is not just good looking but also efficient enough to drive best returns for the owners.

Often project managers prefer to launch these parks in the summer season, given the perception that holidays will serve as a peak season for the park getting higher traffic. While this may seem logical, this is exactly the mistake parks make.


Water park projects are intensively dynamic and will suffer certain lags before they can be perfected for guest approval. From our years of experience, we have deduced that for whatever project you take on, no matter how intensely you work for it, and no matter how thoroughly you plan for it, there are always some teething issues left to be resolved when it opens to the public. And this can snowball into greater problems if launched during the peak season.

  • Greater Scrutiny on Errors: Given the greater influx of visitors in summer, there is greater scrutiny from them. So, if a new, untested park is launched in this season, and there is a public hiccup due to aforementioned teething issues, it can quickly lead to a negative brand image.
  • Greater Potential for Revenue Losses: If your water park suffers a negative brand image, fewer visitors will turn up, causing losses in revenue during peak season. This can be detrimental to the long-term prospects and business of the water park.

Hence, on the basis of our study and research, we often suggest our clients enact a “soft launch” of the water park project in the off season.


Soft launch strategy presents an advantage as there is limited exposure in the off season. It gives staff and managers the time to resolve the initial teething issues in the project without major damage to customer expectations, brand value, and in the concomitant revenue losses. You can use this period to even test out ancillary revenue streams from park eateries, merchandise shops, and more.

Additionally, It helps your staff gain valuable experience for the thousands of micro-scale services required in the park, before their workload gets harder in the summer. It gives the owner and managers time to correct the course of the project in macro-scale, so that they reap the big opportunity lying ahead in summer. Your staff can even enroll in a specialized training program organized by industry experts like Arihant Water Park.

By the time peak season arrives, your park will be like a well-oiled machine, solving daily discrepancies, and ensuring that visitors have the most hassle-free experiences possible. This will naturally lead to good reviews and ratings, creating great brand value and further leads.

This off-season head start accelerates the word-of-mouth marketing process, and it entices a larger number of guests to try your facility in summer. From there, you can ensure that the major influx of your target audience will be pleased with better facilities, cannier park guides, and a more conducive atmosphere for fun and frolicking.

For more information on the process of planning, opening, and introducing your new water park, you can always contact an established company in the business, like Arihant Water Slides. We are here to assist you with all your waterpark needs!