Right from being the founders of the entire waterpark industry in India to award winning global patents for products, Arihant has always focused on innovation and has kept it at the center stage for all developments. The innovations followed at 3 levels continue to be our foundation to offer finest products and services to our esteemed clients

Design Capabilities

We strongly believe that every park is unique and every slide designed at Arihant is carefully crafted to enhance this uniqueness. We prefer customization than standardization and hence all slides in a park are designed keeping in mind the location, topography, audience preferences, expected ROI by parks, positioning of each park. The slides are designed as per EN and ASTM standards and undergo a simulation check before they move to the production phase.

Slide Simulation Benefits:

• Can check slides path and pre determine the safety of riders

• Ride time can be manipulated with the length and angle of slides

• Better throughput

• Curbing any possible accidents before ride production

Manufacturing Capabilities

At Arihant, our manufacturing space of over 360,000 sq. ft. and 600 MT Annual FRP Capacity enables us to deliver the highest quality in terms of products and services. We invest in equipment, machinery, designs and strategies that let us produce future-ready parks. To ensure that we offer nothing but best, we follow processes that are certified by TUV Nord. Our labs are equipped with Universal Testing machines (UTM) and each of our products follows stringent quality checks. Our products pass through 3 quality checks – 2 internal and 1 external.

With over 500 projects commissioned across 59 countries over the last 3 decades, each Arihantite of over 300 employees across India takes pride in being part of an organization that is committed to creating Happy Moments. Being equipped with work environments that facilitates and promote innovation clearly tunes our employees to listen to our customers and stakeholders better, creating a cycle of excellence.

Arihant also takes pride in being one of the few global suppliers in the world to provide LRTM technology for water slides. The advantages of this technology can be seen as below :

• Accurate Finish And Superior Product Quality.

• Perfect Tightness And Durable

• Longer Life Of The Slide

• Efficient Structure Of The Slide

• Environment Friendly Technology

• Stronger And Lighter Waterslides

• Easy Maintenance

Service capabilities

We, at Arihant, understand that a smooth functioning park is more important than just a good looking park. Thus we carry out regular maintenance visits and slide corrections to the projects on our own accord. Our VIV program is considered as one of the best where we voluntarily audit the installed slides in order to assist you achieve better ROI on your investment!