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Arihant Waterslides
Arihant Water Park Equipment’s Signature Slides

Arihant Water Park Equipment’s Signature Slides

Established in the year 1978, Arihant Water Park Equipment is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of a premium range of Water Park Equipment. We have been effective in serving a broad variety of high-quality products, such as Body Slides, Float Slides, and Thriller Slides due to our dedicated factory spread on an area of 360000 sq.ft. Our extensive array of equipment has earned us a great repute in the challenging market conditions for its proposed quality, high rider’s capacity, precise dimensions, excellent covering, and weather resistant, stain resistant and long-lasting functionality. Furthermore, owing to our competitive price structure, we have been able to penetrate into the global market as a force to be reckoned with.

Our client’s trust in us has encouraged us to arrive at this pioneering status. Indeed, our technology-oriented infrastructure helps us to strengthen our hard-working workforce. This helps us in producing the finest quality of products. Moreover, we understand that our innovative products are the key differentiator in our operational distinction, which marks the difference. Our effort thus produces finest attractions which have gained accolades worldwide.

Apart from the traditional products which are must-haves for any water park, we also have a few signature water structures that give us an edge over other manufacturers and elevate even the simplest of the water park.

  1. Aquadisc
  2. Aqua funnel
  3. Bowl n bowl
  4. Spider Slide
  5. Crusader slide
  6. Float tornado
  7. Multilane Racer Slide
  8. Open And Tunnel Water Slide
  9. Open Float Water Slide
  10. Spiral Water Slide



It is our patented water structure and is exclusively available only with us. The entire structure is equipped with disco lights along with acoustics for proper sound circulation and flowing water in the form of shower giving the visitors a fun-filled rain dance experience. To keep everyone pumped up, high voltage music accompanied by lighting forms a perfect combination making it an instant crowd favorite. The area can also be a great place for hosting themed birthday parties, wedding, and beach parties.

Aqua Funnel:

It is a cone-shaped circular funnel in which the riders ride in a float entering through a tunnel to experience a momentary Zero-Gravity experience. The centrifugal forces keeping them high on the wall for several turns after a series of exciting oscillations through the funnel, riders descend through the closed tunnel landing into the pool.

Bowl N’ Bowl:

It comprises of two circular bowls in which the rider rides on a float. The two bowls are connected by a tunnel, the one through which the rider enters into the second bowl. The centrifugal force keeps the rider on the walls and after several turns, rider enters the tunnel from the first bowl and into the second one and once again after a few turns end in a small pool or a safe landing area.

Spider Slide:

It is a highly competitive multilane mat slide which descends through high speed enclosed tubes that spiral alongside each other into a surprise drop as riders compete with each other to be the fastest. The slide is available with special skylight effects creating a unique experience for the riders.

Crusader Slide:

A U-shaped slide where the riders enter the slide through a float tube and experience a free fall after which they go uphill before exiting from the back of the slide

Float Tornado:

This is a slide in which the riders enter a bowl sliding through a tunnel slide and exit through another tunnel slide after taking turns in the bowl.

Our team of skilled engineers has conceptualized these unique fun slides just to give an extra adrenaline rush to the guests.

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Safety Measures Incorporated While Manufacturing Water Slides

Safety Measures Incorporated While Manufacturing Water Slides

The plunges, the splashes, and all that one does while having a jolly good time at a water park is because one feels comfortable and trusts that the park is complying with all required safety standards. Safety is an amusement park’s number one priority. Water slides which are full of thrill and play structures with newer innovations are the latest trend in newer aquatic centers, often presenting new challenges to the experienced park operators in terms of operational guidelines.

To ensure that the rides are safe for the guests, bodies like ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing Materials) shortlist design, safety and operational guidelines for water park equipment manufacturers. All the required safety measures that the manufacturers need to incorporate while designing water slides and play structures are given out by these organizations.

Standards on design and manufacture, testing, operation, maintenance, inspection, quality assurance and more are established by the F-24 Committee.These standards are frequently reviewed to keep up with the use of latest technologies and hence get adopted by various governmental jurisdictions. Most of the standards are subject to the local governmental codes, safety inspections by the government officials and insurance companies.

At Arihant Water Park Equipment, our engineers first try to understand if the safety guidelines and other specific instructions as per that particular country are being followed, as many of our projects are international projects. Our team follows detailed manufacturer guidelines for inspection and safety purposes. If required, inspectors from the client’s end can undertake safety audits and make sure that the necessary process is being followed. These audits might take place on a monthly, weekly or even yearly basis. But Arihant’s dedicated workforce is always ready to take up the challenge and clear the audits as and when they are held.

Consistency in water slide manufacturing and installation is one of the key aspects that Arihant looks into while manufacturing water slides and water play structures. A design engineer carries out a detailed design analysis and certifies the slide or the play structure in accordance with the relevant safety standards. If required the testing laboratories are booked in advance as per the defined protocols.

So the next time you visit a water park with equipment or design by Arihant, be assured of its safety and have a great time!

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Splash pads or water play structures have known to attract the kids for ages. But their popularity in the water park industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently. The mere inclusion of a water activity play structure increases the footfalls of any water park and ups its value.

By definition, a splash pad or play structure is a leisure area constructed in a water park or a hotel and resort that has little or no standing water. This advantage eliminates the chances of drowning and thus requires zero supervision or presence of any lifeguards. Having water play activity structure in a park attracts families more as the parents can have a safe play area which keeps the kids occupied while they enjoy the thrill rides.

Typically a water play structure consists of various striking elements. These include kid slides, closed and open body slides and splash roof with tilting buckets. The play is usually are custom designed around a particular theme and have miniatures and structures which enhance the fun quotient of the park. The water play structures can be as small a 2-platform structure or can go up to being a 21 platform structure where the platforms act as connectors in the structure. The water activity play structures are coupled with components like water curtains, sprinklers, inverted umbrellas and fountains, sprinklers and water cannons to double the excitement among kids of all ages.


With over 420 projects worldwide, Arihant water park equipment has a forte in designing and theming unique water play structures. Their recent WAPS was a part of an entire park in Thailand and it had a distinctive 11 platform structure with a Caribbean theme. One of their play structures in Australia grabbed the media eye and got covered across news channels in the city. This is what they had to say:

Arihant not just uses the established themes but are also experienced in customizing themes as per the client’s vision and requirements. This gives them the upper hand as opposed to others in the industry.

It is a proven fact that children find water play both calming and invigorating. Vigorous splashing and kicking and running around in the water can be an excellent way for kids to have fun and let off steam! Water parks, hotels, and resorts thus should include attractive water play structure to keep their little guests entertained while they enjoy to the fullest.

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IAAPA is coming!!!

IAAPA is coming!!!

IAAPA is a premier trade association for the attractions industry worldwide. It was founded in 1918. It is the largest international trade association for permanently located amusement facilities and attractions, and is dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the attractions industry. The association’s global headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia, United States and it maintains regional offices in Brussels, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Orlando.

IAAPA represents all styles of location-based entertainment facilities including amusement parks, theme parks, family entertainment centers, arcades, museums, water parks, aquariums, science centers, zoos, and resorts. IAAPA also represents industry equipment manufacturers, distributors, operators, industry suppliers, and service providers.

The organization currently operates the premier trade show for the global attractions industry, IAAPA Attractions Expo, along with Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) and Euro Attractions Show (EAS). IAAPA Attractions Expo is a 5 day event being held from 14th November to the 18th November 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, United States Of America. This event showcases products like Amusement parks, Theme parks, Attractions, Water parks, Family Entertainment Centers, Casino, Zoos, Aquariums, Resorts, Museums, Party Rentals and much more.

Arihant Water Park Equipment is proud to be a part of this historic exhibition yet again. Arihant Water Park Equipment will be showcasing their latest patented product, Aquadisc which consists of a rain shower, acoustics and laser lighting for non-stop dance and music.

As the entire happiness industry is about the experience, participating in the IAAPA Attractions Expo is a naturally optimum medium to learn what is new, what might work and what opportunities are on the horizon. Participation not only means mere occupying space, but it also involves sharing industry insights along with how the major players in the industry are operating and the metrics that they keep in mind while working on a project and during the installation process of various water slides and other equipment. It can also serve as a premier networking event which would give every participant an opportunity to interact with senior attractions industry executives from around the world.

Talking about on floor participants, an astounding 1000+ companies from 100+ countries with 125+ product categories occupy 5,50,000 net square feet of floor space making it an ultimate exhibition event for any and every player in the industry.

If anyone wishes to get in-depth information about our new products and other related water park equipment we will be available at booth no is 2257. Cya at the Expo.

How Arihant Is Making The World A Happy Place

How Arihant Is Making The World A Happy Place

Water parks are ideal stress busters for individuals who spend the majority of their time in offices working, trying to make the ends meet. It is a perfect outlet for the entire family to get out of their regular monotonous routine and have a fun filled dip in the pool. But designing a water park isn’t as easy as floating down a lazy river. It takes a whole lot of dedication coupled with great teamwork. That’s where Arihant steps in.

At Arihant, we believe that we exist for a reason and that reason is – “bringing smiles to everyone”. With our design and manufacturing expertise and our wide knowledge of the water park entertainment industry, we can custom-create a water attraction perfectly suited to your unique needs. Indeed, hundreds of water parks across the world have trusted Arihant’s abilities over the past 4 decades. And we have a long way to go.

So, how does it work for you – our customers? We’ll ask you some simple questions so that we can create a challenging, safe and fun waterpark solution for you.

How much space do you have?

What are the visitors most interested in?

What is your intended user age range?

Based on your specific requirements, we offer an array of customization options. Our team is experienced in creating innovative themes for water parks, making Arihant one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies to work with. The best part about employing Arihant is that the experts, who work tirelessly to bring the projects to life, take into consideration the interest levels of all the age groups making Arihant the most opted water park slides manufacturing company.

Arihant strictly abides by the ASTM, EN and IS standards in its work process, i.e. Designing, Material Procurement, Manufacturing, etc. Along with designing and procurement, Arihant ensures quality checks by an extremely skilled team of engineers who possess the knowledge and attention to detail required in inspecting each and every aspect of the slides and other equipment installed. From Arihant’s point of view more the smiles, the better it is for the business.

Arihant’s range of products include

  1. Multi Racer Slides
  2. Body Slides
  3. Family float Slides
  4. Thriller Slides
  5. Themed Water Activity Play System
  6. Water Movers
  7. Wave Surfer
  8. Open And Tunnel Water Slide
  9. Open Float Water Slide
  10. Spiral Water Slide
  11. Resort Water Slide
  12. Indoor Water Slide
  13. Kids Water Slide
  14. Water Slide Tubes
  15. Other Water Play Structures

Multi Racer Slides: These allow one to compete with his friends or family in a fun-filled competitive environment. These are available in two forms, namely uphill and downhill.

Body Slides: Body slide takes the rider onboard for an unexpected ride keeping the surprise element intact till the very end. These are generally the talk of the town.

Family float slides: These form a perfect outlet for the entire family to come together and scream in sync. These form a perfect addition to a water park.

Thriller Slides: These are sure to be the center of attraction wherever installed.Available in a variety of formats, with the capacity to accommodate a large number of riders, Thriller Slides are a must have for a themed water park regardless of the park’s size.

Themed Water Activity Play System: Your design and imagination coupled with our expertise and creativity are what makes a Themed Water Activity Play System. Let your imagination run wild and we will ensure it takes a picture-perfect form.

Water Movers: Recreate your very own indoor beach area with water movers. Get all the required equipment needed to create a perfect wave pool, lazy river or even motion river for people of all age groups.

Wave Surfer: Create artificial waves and surf your way through the movements of unexpected tides.  The soft riding surface allows surfers to fall without getting hurt. The speed of the waves can be adapted for various age groups allowing one and all to experience the fun.

Our offerings are proven to draw a crowd, with a large majority of our clients preferring us time and time again. We have received much of our business through word of mouth and recommendation – a true test of our quality and hard work. Contact Arihant to build and manufacture a unique Aqua Park.

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It Is Indeed A Small World

It Is Indeed A Small World

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