Adventure Landing - Arihant Waterslides


The Adventure Landing is a group of amusement parks located in Florida, New York, North Carolina and Texas. Their first park was opened in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 1995 and it was a success. The original park had a small pool with a master blaster slide passing over. The owner wanted to build a themed play structure in that limited space.


The key challenge was COMPACT SPACE! There was an existing water slide that passed above and across the swimming pool. The water play structure design was required to fit in the pool without interrupting the existing structure and to ensure the new water play structure complied with ASTM standards. Arihant utilised advanced slide simulation techniques to design a custom themed water play structure to retrofit into the available space without the need for any adjustments to the existing slide, pool or structures passing above the space. Theming and interactive features were designed and installed to enhance the appeal of the water play structure and to not interfere with the existing structures. The park chose a pirate theme for the water play structure, a popular and appropriate theme for the area and was installed with great success