Daytona Lagoon, USA - Arihant Waterslides
Arihant Waterslides


A family friendly water park situated near the Daytona Beach, Florida, the Daytona Lagoon consists of multiple thrill slides and family slides and water movers that promise to deliver a fun filled day.
Unfortunately, the park was hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017 which uprooted its multi lane Mat Racer slide Kraken’s quest. The park got Arihant on board for a new slide in its place that could match the hype of the same slide with a new twist


The project challenge required the new attractions to connect to the existing 40 ft height tower with different elevations. The available space for the new attractions was compact with the slide start and finish in a tightly defined area, with restrictions on the position of the support structures. In order to meet the challenging specifications for the new attractions, the Arihant design teams went through several iterations before the final design was presented. Arihant presented a final solution that included not one, but two attractions from the same tower of approximately 40ft.
The first attraction installed was the ‘’Kraken’s revenge’’, an exciting 4-lane Mat Racer with partial closed tunnels. To add even more thrill, the mat-racer included a time wrap tunnel with natural light effects that raised the experience.
The second attraction called Shaka Halfpipe operates as a pendulum with a feeling of weightlessness and takes the guest through multiple oscillations. The two attractions were installed to meet the highest safety standards required after continuous simulation and dead load trials and opened with great success