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With our power of 5, you can be a leader and not just an observer! Know why associating with Arihant is the best choice you can make for your water slides and attractions

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A park with quality rides high safety standards and great guest experience, at Arihant that’s our DNA. Most importantly, a successful park is the one which also is a viable business too. Only then, it can be a sustainable long term project.

Arihant believes in offering solutions that maximize the returns for our patrons. We design products that will optimize the operational cost over the years and ensure your products deliver fun for all your guests without any stress.

With our High Quality, High Safety and High Thrill slides, your park can deliver best in class offerings at a value investment. So sit back and reap your Max ROI

Don’t trust us, read the testimonial by our esteemed client!

Manufacturing Expertise

At Arihant, our manufacturing space of over 360,000 sq. ft. and 600 MT Annual FRP Capacity enables us to deliver the highest quality in terms of products and services. We invest in equipment, machinery, designs and strategies that let us produce future-ready parks.

To ensure that we offer nothing but best, we follow processes that are certified by TUV Nord. Our labs are equipped with Universal Testing machines (UTM) and each of our products follows stringent quality checks. Our products pass through 3 quality checks – 2 internal and 1 external.

Custom Design Approach

We design to fit into any space, any budget and deliver a WOW Experience. Our focus lies in customization! All our slides in a park are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of our clients like the location, topography, audience preferences and expected ROI by parks. We work with an approach to offer solutions that can adapt to all our needs of our clients.  We strongly believe that every park is unique and every slide designed at Arihant is carefully crafted to enhance this uniqueness.

Time Tested Quality

Arihant also takes pride in being one of the few global suppliers in the world to provide LRTM technology for water slides. The advantages of this technology can be seen as below:

  • Accurate Finish And Superior Product Quality
  • Perfect Tightness And Durable
  • Longer Life of the Slide. Our slides have known to stay intact for more than 15 years!
  • Efficient Structure Of The Slide
  • Easy Maintenance

Extensive waterpark operations experience

We have gained a solutions-oriented approach through 25 years of operating a water park in India. From our experience of successfully operating a waterpark and entertaining over 5 million guests, our experts will disrupt your way of thinking and empower you to implement innovative ideas to your park. Our team will help you implement the same knowledge to:

  1. Manage your Operations efficiently
  2. Effectively manage your Pools for best water quality
  3. Strategize Revenue Generation Opportunities

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