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Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers!

Making the most of Snowbird Camping Season


Every year from November to March millions of vacationers from the Northern and colder states of the US flock towards South to soak in the pleasant weather and sunny days in what is commonly known as Snowbird Camping. These snowbird campers or rather the snowbird vacationers typically spend about 1-2 weeks down south.

Despite of the current pandemic and strict rules pertaining to travel, it is estimated that 2.4 million active camping households will spend three or more months snowbird camping this year, while another 9.6 million plan to take a snowbird vacation for 1 to 2 weeks1.

It is estimated that 31% households will be snowbird camping this season with 9% being new to the scenario . So how does this translate into big business for campgrounds down south? Check out our fresh ideas on attracting these flocking birds and making the most of the season.

  1. Offer exclusive Snowbird amenities: Snowbirds prefer to mingle in communities and interact with like-minded groups. Offer amenities that tend to bind all of them together. Offer exclusive amenities to these groups during their stay at an additional cost that they will enjoy.
  2. Organize tournaments and events: With a host of exciting upcoming activities and events planned during the Snowbird Camping months, you can assure reservations around that time. Events like Golf tournaments , Watersport competitions, Maze or adaptations of games from popular series like the very recent Squid Games will help boost sales. Arihant’s Aqua Adventura is one such product that can be used as dry / water gaming zone and which can be used to host multiple events.
  3. Create an itinerary for their stay: Since the vacationers and campers are flocking from a different state, they would intend to travel outside the campground too to explore the region. Create a basic itinerary for them with unique places that they can explore – be it a spot, cuisine or shopping space.
  4. Invest in host of activities: Given that snowbird campers are usually attracted to activities and adventures, it definitely works in favor of the campground to invest in multi-purpose attractions. Arihant’s Treasure Ship is a Waterhouse with multiple slides and which also doubles up as an event space that can host barbeque parties and movie nights for guests is a perfect fit for such campgrounds!

Waterkingdom Park Creates A Splash In Nepal

The Water kingdom park and resort situated in the region of Jhapa, Nepal has recently opened its doors to the public. Inaugurated by the Former Prime Minister: KP Sharma Oli on 9th Jan 2022, this park is an important project directed by Mr. Sangraula.

Developed in 2.5 acres of land with an investment of $350 million, the park plans to wow the visitors within Nepal from districts like Jhapa, Morang, Sunsari, Ilam, Panchthar, Siraha, and Saptari.

The park stands tall with 5 slides tower, an interactive waterplay structure, a 100 HP wave pool that promises to create waves in the landlocked country, and a swimming pool for kids and adults. With a target audience of families, the park boasts of slides that can be enjoyed by friends and family like the Pendulum slides and other float slides, multi racer slides, and body slides with a jungle-themed water play structure for kids. The park hosts all slides designed and manufactured by Arihant waterpark Equipment, a global supplier of waterslides with a footprint in 60+ countries. ‘’Arihant has done over 5 parks in Nepal alone and the kind of market growth seen by the waterpark industry is commendable. Parks in Nepal are ready to explore the opportunities while offering world-class attractions to the public. Water kingdom is one such park that doesn’t fail to impress you!’’ – Arihant Spokesperson

Additionally, the park has 28 rooms that can be rented by guests for overnight stays and to host themed parties/wedding celebrations.



Arihant Water Park Equipment, a division of Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd., has won the highly prestigious CII Design Award 2021 yet again for the second time in a row. This award was conferred for their newest installation – The Blizzard that made its grand entry at the GRS waterpark Mysore!

The CII Design Excellence Awards, acknowledge and celebrate Indian design and innovation. They strive to create new paradigms of design in India while promoting the unique amalgamation of traditional with contemporary design to encourage business continuity, industrial growth, and economic viability with long-term scope.
A grand jury, comprising 13 eminent personalities from the international design community,
including from Italy, USA, Turkey, UK adjourned Arihant’s “Blizzard” product as the
winning design over 20+ other shortlisted products in its category.

A waterslide that’s built for exhilaration, the Blizzard involves Straight, Zero gravity, and High G centrifugal twists to take the riders on a 180 – degree double-banked curved path creating an adrenaline rush as they reach the apex before making a high-speed splash in the pool.

A never-experienced-before ride path, the Blizzard combines two banked curved surfaces in opposite directions forming an “S” shape path. Riders on the float are launched through flume don’t o the first banked surface where they experience outward swing motion touching maximum speed followed by a zero-gravity point. Riders are then launched immediately in connecting banked surface which exerts outward force in opposite direction. Disorientation along the curvy path spikes the thrill and you come down filled with excitement even before you realize what the twist was!

The Blizzard, Arihant’s patented product, is India’s first compound motion slide for the world with upcoming installations in parks across the Middle East, India, and Europe.

With a dedicated in-house team that focuses on developing patented products in the attractions industry that are not just thrilling but also deliver optimized returns to park owners. The Innovations team at Arihant has many such exciting award-winning concepts to their name notable Thunderbay Series, Treasure Ship, Superflow, etc. and this award has added yet another cherry to the cake!



Arihant Water Park Equipment is India’s leading global manufacturer and designer of water slides and rides for waterparks, resorts, hotels, campgrounds & splash parks. With 750+projects across 60 countries, Arihant has created a mark in the industry in the last 3 decades by being the most preferred brand among waterparks. With 3500+ installations, Arihant has aimed at developing innovative products which offer superior ROI to the investor and continue to bring forth new slides that create happy moments for all.

Rise of Resorts and Campgrounds – The short break holiday trend

Rise of Resorts and Campgrounds – The short break holiday trend

Given the fact that every individual was confined to their four walls involuntarily during the pandemic, they are now wanting to step out desperately! As we approach 2022 many countries have cautiously reopened after months of lockdowns while people are seeking to return to normal life in their own safe ways. The pandemic has not just changed the nature of work; it has also changed the way people vacation as well.

If 2019 was the year of road trips, 2020 & 2021 have been the years of Resorts and Campgrounds.

With the ongoing ‘workcation’ trend, people are now planning on spending multiple short weeks away. Of course, part of this has to do with the travel restrictions to countries, making domestic travel more convenient. These large facilities encompassed in nature give a sense of safety as well.

Short-week stays are on the rise especially with small families who are willing to spend for an all-inclusive facility with kids’ play zone, waterpark, and spas that can be enjoyed throughout their 5-7 days stay! A survey conducted among the Campgrounds in the US and Europe concluded that the campgrounds have had profitable business in the last 2 years of lockdown! Club Med Sandpiper Bay, an all-inclusive resort between Miami and Orlando, has seen a 9% year-over-year increase in 4-5 night reservations from June to October. 4-6 night stays are up 55% over last year at The Foundry Hotel, a boutique hotel in Asheville, N.C. Such growth statistics are not uncommon.

As the global phenomenon of JOLA (Joy of looking ahead) settles in, families and groups are planning way ahead and paying in advance for their upcoming short stays.

Campground chains like Jellystone in US and Capfun in Europe have benefited immensely from uplifting their spaces. North Jellystone in Texas calls it their ‘’Best Decision Ever’’ to add a waterplay structure to their facility which has helped them double their reservations.

It is evident that with families making the short stay trend famous, they are looking out for facilities where kids can enjoy the entire day and beat the heat while parents work virtually. Thus it becomes more and more important to have a play zone and a water attraction zone in your facility where kids and adults spend hours. Converting an open space in a dry play zone, revamping an existing pool with a slides tower, adding a waterplay structure, or a small spray park in a vacant space will add that extra bling to your facility and help stand out keeping the guests entertained for days. The addition of an entertainment / water zone automatically translates to added revenue for the facility.

As the after effect of the pandemic, people across the globe are ready to take the plunge, move out and spend on the travel and relaxation, and travel industry is set to move towards guest experience than just service.

Arihant’s Managing Director Accepts 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award

Rajen Shah, the managing director of Arihant Water Park Equipment, received the 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award at the IAAPA Expo held between 15-19th November.

His award was announced earlier this year in September; this was the ceremony where the IAAPA officially extended it to him, with the accompanying commendations and backstory.

In the online award show relayed through a live video stream, the award presenter described Mr. Shah’s extensive accomplishments in the global attractions industry, including his part in the IAAPA itself—where he has served as a member for 16 years, and whose board of directors he currently sits on.

His candidacy for this prestigious award was based on the hard-earned fruits of his 37-year career in the water park equipment industry, the highlights of which include establishing the first attractions industry manufacturing operation in India, and being the first Indian manufacturer to export attractions products globally.

Mr. Shah, responding to his award, mentioned that he was humbled by the recognition for his work, and briefly thanked the IAAPA for being instrumental in his continued success—for helping him create a significant network of business associates and friends in the global attractions industry.

He also thanked the Indian Association of Amusement Parks and Industries (IAAPI) for bringing him to recognition with the IAAPA. Giving credit for the award to his team in Arihant Industrial Corporation, he extolled their hard work, customer-centricity, and dedication to the industry’s cause of bringing joy to people all over the world in this time of stress and worry.

Rounding off his words of gratitude, he thanked his wife, Neeta Shah; daughter, Niral Shah; and son, Darpan Shah, for encouraging him on the long journey with the company. He closed his address with an encouragement to the global attractions industry, urging them to press on in their cause of spreading happiness, bonding families, and using ingenuity to reduce the tension and depression all over the world.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) represents more than 6,000 amusement and attractions industry members in more than 100 countries. Its annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando, Florida, is considered the world’s largest attractions trade show in terms of member attendance and exhibitors.

Arihant Extends Thanks to All Who Attended 2021 IAAPA Expo

Arihant Extends Thanks to All Who Attended 2021 IAAPA Expo

For those who are familiar with the global attractions industry, the IAAPA Expo is the biggest annual event in its calendar. Entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors from amusement parks, water parks, zoos, museums, and resorts—from all over the world—network at a common venue in the U.S. to further the cause of the business.

As a premier water park equipment supplier in India and the world, Arihant Water Park Equipment’s contingent was present at the recent 2021 IAAPA Expo held between 15-19th November 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Our company booth enjoyed sufficient interaction with visitors, clients, and other prominent networkers in the industry, and we even made new business connections for the coming year.

The people at Arihant Water Park Equipment are humbled by those of you who had the courtesy to approach our representatives at the venue, strengthening professional relationships with our company. We would love to extend our thanks to your continued interest in perpetuating our work, which is meant to spread community, fun, and happiness all over the world.

We are also proud to let you know that Rajen Shah, the managing director at our parent Arihant Industrial Corporation, won the 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award at the expo this year. If you, as a client, have been with us on our journey through the last decade or so, you would know that the efforts and his Arihant team have furthered our cause across national borders. In the spirit of comradeship, we would also like to congratulate you, our clients, as it is through your belief in the business that we have won this award!

4 Steps Water Parks Take to Make Profits in the Off-Season

4 Steps Water Parks Take to Make Profits in the Off-Season

Winter is nearing. And while many people revel in the holidays it brings, we know that for the waterpark industry, these months are slow.

In India, where we enjoy tropical climate for the majority of the year, water parks enjoy sufficient visitor influx in the months of April to October. The hot weather persuades people to make trips to the cooling water rides on the outskirts of their cities. The experience is worth the long journey, and they recognize this relief.

Unfortunately, the off-season, largely situated in winter, is defined by only a trickle of visitors from November to March, and it naturally offsets the riches accrued by the park stakeholders prior. Five months of a lack of footfall equates to five months of economic shortage.

This is a natural, cyclical phenomenon water park owners are accustomed to. In this post, we offer 4 common steps owners and their executive officers take to make small profits in this off-season period, getting them back on the path to economic safety.

Use the Cheer of the Festive Season

Even in the tropical paradise of India, the winter temperatures can plunge below what is deemed hospitable for revellers who are considering going to a water park. Your water park will inevitably lack a large percentage of your usual visitor influx no matter what you do. And you will probably shut down regular ride operations to save on operation costs.

To alleviate this, you should use the cheer of festivals to create interest in small pockets of the season. With Diwali and Christmas being the main festivals in this period, late October through early January is the perfect time to set up shows based on decorations, fireworks, and Santa Claus in your water park. Though regular attractions will be closed or at half-capacity, these small attractions are a great way to keep families visiting through the colder months.

Task your stalls and eateries to sell holiday-themed snacks such as Diwali mithai and Christmas cookies. Sell promotional merchandise like apparel, with designs customized around these festivals and their folklore—enticing those who participate in the yearly celebrations!

Build Indoor Sections and Temporary Roofing Structures to Ensure that there is Ample Insulation Inside

Stakeholders would do well to consider an indoor section for the park in winter. This can be a permanent or temporary solution. Contact water park equipment, architectural, and engineering firms in your city to devise a temporary solution to altering a section of your park into an indoor environment. Otherwise, for permanent indoor solutions, your process would have to be planned before the construction of the water park itself.

Winter can get unbearably cold in certain parts of the country, and this naturally requires an insulation solution. In an indoor space, setting up a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system becomes a viable option, and you would ensure your patrons are given a warmer experience when walking outside the pools and rides.

Plan Your Water Park with Secondary Attractions

While this is not a direct solution to an already-built water park, it is certainly worth considering for stakeholders and investors who are still in the process of designing a water park. Make sure the area has interactive features like amphitheatres, stadiums, semi-indoor arenas, sports fields, market areas, parking areas, eateries, and more. These secondary features can be used by the public even when the water rides are closed.

These features will enable you to sell these spaces for certain time slots, to third-parties willing to pay. Weddings, parties, community sports events, and more can take place on a regular basis, creating a social identity around your water park, which will result in a greater brand image over time.

For stakeholders who are thinking of extending an already-built park’s borders, these features can be added over time. Commercial and entertainment events—like concerts or day markets—will always make a social difference. They boost revenue, and even if the cashflow is not as frequent as that which tickets generate in peak season, it would be enough to support the employees and infrastructure.

Incentivize the Youth, Target Educational Institutes

In the early part of the calendar, from January to March, you might need to find reasons to entice the younger demographic, who are restarting school and college, to your water park.

School and college trips are one of the biggest streams of income for a water park. Network with primary and secondary schools across the country, who are on the lookout for exciting venues where they can take their students on field trips.

You could also consider partnering with colleges and their student organizations, especially technical and engineering-minded students, who might be interested in the complicated aspects of the electric and mechanical engineering features on the water rides.

A water park that keeps itself busy, even in the time of the year when activity is at a low, not only creates opportunities for recovering revenue and public interest, but also moral and financial support to its seasonal employees. It creates jobs through the off-season and boosts company morale. The water park atmosphere becomes one of festivity, friendliness, and familiarity, despite the economic slowdown.

You can train employees, understand the nuances of off-season, and install winter-friendly water park equipment in your establishment if you contact a well-established player in the industry like Arihant Water Park. We can show you the ropes, giving you the best chance for the coming cold season!

How Parks Can Leverage The JOLA Effect And Revenge Tourism

How Parks Can Leverage The JOLA Effect And Revenge Tourism

With the pandemic showing signs of retreat, the month of August witnessed an exponential interest in water parks and other leisure centers. The stress accumulated over the past few months during the second pandemic wave has forced people to seek venues to sit back, relax and enjoy with family and friends.

A global phenomenon which is being observed is ‘JOLA’ or the Joy of Looking Ahead. This phenomenon explains the reason why families and groups want to look ahead and enjoy outings even during the pandemic. This includes planning and paying for facilities in advance.

So, how did the JOLA effect come into being globally? Well, when countries such as the UK and USA unveiled the roadmap out of the second lockdown, thousands of fun-seeking people began to think about the first thing they would like to do with their sudden freedom post-lockdown. As they began to look ahead, they became optimistic about the future. The JOLA effect settled in.

Research of US & UK customers by Merlin Entertainments and Oracle’s Food and Beverage revealed the following:

  • 54% of respondents love planning their itinerary in advance to beat the queues.
  • 59% of respondents favor a “fast pass” system that provides priority access to facilities, shops and food
  • 40% of respondents are willing to pay extra to pre-book their day’s activities
  • 48% of millennials prefer providing their preferences in advance to receive exciting offers

The above stats have inspired businesses keen to capitalize on the JOLA effect. After a tumultuous year that featured zero to limited entertainment, consumers are excited and looking forward to months of fun. The JOLA effect combines well with a concept known as revenge tourism, which amplifies the desire to go on a vacation immediately after a long period of lockdown.

Revenge tourism travelers are picky and often keen on selecting the perfect spots that offer a comprehensive package to unwind. This is where entertainment parks offer immense opportunity.

With the JOLA effect strongly in place, consumers are looking to plan leisure activities by pre-ordering refreshments, meals, and checking-in online before they arrive at a water park.

They are eagerly awaiting feel-good experiences, but want to feel safe at the same time. Pre-bookings allow guests to personalize their stay while taking factors such as social distancing into consideration.

It’s important to create and advertise exciting packages that can capture the attention of water park enthusiasts. Ideally, parks should seek partnerships with local eateries and hotels to introduce packages that offer significant discounts on leisure activities, food and lodging.

Water parks that can engage customers from the booking date to the actual visit date as this will heighten anticipation which will turn out to be winners in the entertainment game.

If you are in the water park industry, then you should anticipate what customers seek from you. Use the JOLA effect to your advantage and not miss out on this changing consumer behavior trend.

Deciphering The Luxury Real Estate Market Boom: Play Features Splash out More Cash

Deciphering The Luxury Real Estate Market Boom: Play Features Splash out More Cash

The pandemic may have encumbered the real estate market, but the zeal with which people are turning to luxury homes is unprecedented. Dispelling the pandemic blues, many real estate majors have started selling luxury residential properties that utilize avant-garde programming in the form of “vertical country clubs,” yoga studios, game rooms, and various childcare and hospitality services.

Because of these innovative ideas, luxury real estate has even more potential than the regular real estate market, especially for those people with financial power.

Customers now expect bespoke experiences for an exclusive lifestyle, with the aforementioned programming driving the property values higher over time. Ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNI) have taken advantage of the positive changes in realty regulations, and are investing in luxury homes with unique features and facilities.

Water Attractions: The Key to Refining Luxury Real Estate!

When fantastical elements are built in the vicinity, such as water attractions and amusement parks, property values rise based on the success of that element.  Recently, the Metro Development Group, a real estate company in the U.S., partnered with an international innovation company to build the 7-acre Epperson Lagoon in Wesley Chapel.

This is a luxury real estate property whose values will rise in time as the water attraction builds its brand value. Epperson is the master-planned community surrounding the Lagoon, with premium houses and condos for people looking to make use of those high property values.  The Lagoon holds several fantastic features that bring in people from all over the state, and even country.

  • 7-Acre Pool
  • Floating Water Obstacle Course
  • 50-feet Inflatable Slide

The latter is the main water attraction in the Epperson Lagoon. As you can imagine, water play structures like these redirect so many consumers to commercial establishments. They increase the brand value of the project and create favorable reviews among the populace.  All this entails one thing in the larger picture: rising property values in the surrounding areas.

Themed Water Play Structures Can Be an Even Bigger Draw

Themed water play structures can be an even bigger attraction than a single-function structure like the aforementioned inflatable slide. Here are several benefits they hold in improving property values.


  • Major Marketing Point: Most themed water attractions have a fantastical storytelling element to them that aids in building brand value. You could have one structure themed on a pirate ship, that opens up advertisements, merchandise, and costume ideas that follow that theme.
  • Premium Rates Chargeable: Owners can charge premium rates when they have a themed water play structure that engages families for long hours.
  • Engaged Residents: Residents of the neighbourhood will consistently throng the vicinity of the water play structure. Children are especially fond of the fantastic theme elements of these products; happy children usually entails happy families!

When residents are pleased, it entails the community’s coherence and familiarity with each other, and that ensures that they make enduring relationships and cultivate a sensitive stewardship of the land. The sustainability of the property rises with a caring and trusting community behind it, ready to pay good money to engage in its attractions. This holistic process improves property values, and which real estate developer can take a pass on that?

Custom Water Play Attractions – Optimizing that limited space in your park!

Custom Water Play Attractions – Optimizing that limited space in your park!

Project Showcase: Adventure Landing, USA

The Adventure Landing is a group of amusement parks located in Florida, New York, North Carolina and Texas. Their first park was opened in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 1995 and it was a success. The original park had a small pool with a master blaster slide passing over. The owners wanted to build a themed play structure in that limited space.


The key challenge  was SPACE! There was an existing water slide that passed above and across the swimming pool. The water play structure design was required to fit in the pool without interrupting the existing structure and to ensure the new water play structure complied with ASTM standards.


Arihant utilized advanced slide simulation techniques to design a custom themed water play structure to retrofit into the available space without the need for any adjustments to the existing slide, pool or structures passing above the space. Theming and interactive features were designed and installed to enhance the appeal of the water play structure and to not interfere with the existing structures.

The park chose a pirate theme for the water play structure, a popular and appropriate theme for the area and was installed with great success.