Water Slide Park Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Water Slide Park Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Among many other places to go out with your friends and family, the water slide park is one of the most exciting and enjoyable, where one can enjoy a day full of joy and adventure.

But at the same time, it is essential to follow the etiquette of a water slide park to enhance your enjoyment and to ensure your safety during a trip in it. Here are some do’s and don’ts in water park brought to you by Arihantwaterslides that you should remember when you are on a trip to a water slide park.

Do’s In A Water Slide Park

Follow Park Rules

While being in a water slide park, one should make sure to follow all the rules that the park has specified for the guests.

Generally, the rules are to act according to the advice of the park guide, not to litter the premises, and to maintain public etiquette. To get the best possible enjoyment, one should follow all the water park regulations and continue enjoying. Following the rules also influences others to do the same.

Observe Height and Age Restrictions

Another essential thing to put on the list of do’s is to observe the height and age restrictions. There may be some rides or activities that affect children and aged people.

There may also be some rides where the height is high. People with a fear of heights should avoid doing these rides and activities. People can still enjoy the water slide park as there are many more activities to do.

Dispose of Trash Responsibly

Use designated trash bins and recycling containers. Keeping the park clean is a shared responsibility, and disposing of trash properly helps maintain a pleasant environment for all visitors.

Wait For Your Turn

There can be a huge number of crowds in the water slide park. So, waiting for your turn for a ride or any activity is always good.

Waiting for your turn always prevents unnecessary hustle and public arguments, which can also lead to oral fights and even physical fights sometimes. Water slide manufacturers should also make a separate place for people to wait.

Listen to Lifeguards

One of the very important do’s is to listen to the lifeguards in the park. They are one of the essential parts of the management of the water slide parks.

Avoiding their instruction may even lead to loss of life. In any difficult situation, you should take advice from the lifeguards and should act according to the advice.

Supervise Children

Keep a close eye on children and ensure they follow the park rules. Proper supervision not only enhances safety but also contributes to an overall pleasant experience for everyone.

Use Sunscreen

At the same time, while enjoying the water slide park to its fullest potential, it is equally essential to protect your body and skin from the hot sun.

The sunlight can burn your skin, and you may get tanned. Therefore, water-resistant sunscreen is always a good idea when going to a water slide park. It can also be helpful to children and senior citizens.

Wear Appropriate Swimwear

Another essential thing in this blog on dos and don’ts in water parks is that you must wear appropriate swimwear while you are in a water slide park.

Wearing clothes other than appropriate swimwear can affect the quality of the water, which may affect your skin and face. It also helps prevent your skin from being harmed by any substance that may be there in the water slides.

Respect Other’s Space

While you are in a water slide park, it is essential to ensure that you respect other’s space.

You should always keep in mind others have also come to utilize the enjoyment of the park just like you. It would help if you did not get yourself indulged in unnecessary fights or hustle with others. Respecting others’ space is one of the essential etiquette that you must ensure you follow

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Don’ts In A Water Slide Park:

Running or Rough Play

It is essential to note that when you are in a water slide park, you should not run or play the activities roughly at any cost.

The reason behind this is that there may be a significant number of crowds, and if you play the activities roughly or you keep running, it may cause bodily injury to you and other people as well.

It may also create unnecessary tension among all the people. Therefore, it is always a good idea not to run or play rough while being in a water slide park.

Saving Seats

While being in a water slide park, you must keep in mind that no ride is for your enjoyment and fun.

Therefore, you should not take more than the required place that you necessarily need. You should always try to save seats for others, as they are also there to enjoy the rides and activities just like you. You should always help others to make them understand the same.

Moreover, resist the temptation to cut in line. Cutting disrupts the queue and can lead to tension among visitors. Exercise patience and wait your turn.

Disobeying Ride Instructions

One of the most important water park regulations that you must not do at any cost is to disobey the ride instructions.

Disobeying the ride instructions can not only affect you with a bodily injury; it may even lead to your death. If you disobey the ride instructions, it may also cause bodily injury to other people who are there on the same ride.

You may also get disqualified if you disobey a ride instruction. Therefore, for your body, reputation, and other’s bodies, it is always good not to disobey the ride instructions.

Attempt to bypass height or age restrictions on specific slides. These restrictions are placed by water slide manufacturers- Arihantwaterslides in place for safety reasons, and disregarding them can lead to accidents.

Public Display of Affection

As we know, a Public display of affection is not a good thing. Affection is a thing that we should show to our partner in a private space.

Refrain from engaging in inappropriate behaviour that can make others uncomfortable. Maintain a family-friendly atmosphere by respecting fellow visitors.

Public display of affection may also bring criminal action against you as it is a crime in many places of the world. Therefore, while being in a water slide park, we should not perform any such activity that can be categorized under Public Display of Affection.


These are some do’s and don’ts in a water park, which, if followed, can double the amount of joy and fun in your trip to a water slide park. People sometimes tend not to follow the rules/do’s & don’ts for no logical reason, but we should always follow these things as these things have been formed for our benefit.

If we keep following the do’s and don’ts in a water slide park, it will also create awareness among other people, which is very important for our benefit. Moreover,water slide manufacturers such as Arihantwaterslides should also ensure that these rules are mentioned in their water parks for awareness among visitors.

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