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How Multi-Purpose Attractions can Help Boost your Revenue

How Multi-Purpose Attractions can Help Boost your Revenue

In the world of entrepreneurship, there is a saying: “Money is always eager and ready to work for anyone who is ready to employ it.”

Within the water park industry, this is no different.

Money drives the entertainment value of the water park experience, especially when invested into consumer-sensitive design.

And this is most relevant for designing the water attractions.

These categorized attractions can be sprinkler dance areas, mat rider slides, body slides, pendulum slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and a central, multi-purpose attraction that has a little bit of everything in it. The latter element is what can make your revenues take a slow, fruitful hike into the stratosphere. In this post, we discuss how using a multi-purpose water attraction helps the cause.

Maximizes Liveliness & Customer Satisfaction

The difference between a single-function water ride and a multi-function water attraction is that there will simply be more things to do, and more space to do it in. Central, multi-purpose structures are mixed-programmed. They could include moderately thrilling slides, high-octane slides, eateries, children’s play areas, pool areas, dance sprinkler areas, and much more.

Now, this does not entail that you do not invest in excellent single-function water attractions! Single-function slides are also an essential part of the whole, allowing greater diversity in park usage. You can separate rides of varying thrill factors from each other: your tailspin, vertical drop, and rapid descent slides can be kept away from your children’s slides.

But a central, unifying area is what will keep your visitors satisfied on all counts, and that space is where you will find that elusive, magnetic bustle that is so enticing to visitors in the water park. Over here, you will tend to find the most visitors. Hence, when this space is designed well, it will ensure satisfied, repeat visitors, increasing revenue in the long run.

Keeps People of all Age Groups Together

Given that a multi-purpose attraction is built with everyone in mind, there is little that can go wrong in terms of dissatisfaction. There will always be one aspect of the mixed-program space that will please one age group or the other.

Guest personae range over the entire age spectrum. Many guests come in groups or families with the intention of spending time together. A unifying, multi-purpose water attraction allows them to partake in fun activities in close proximity to each other. A grandfather can play with his grandson on an attraction that caters to the interests of both. And that is what makes this experience unique. The communal aspect, where age groups mingle in easy harmony, is another major factor that drives repeat visits to a water park.

Localizes the Experience in Recognizable Stories

Often, water park design directors rely on the cultural elements of the locality in which the water park is going to be constructed. They will often be instrumental in designing and constructing water attractions that are themed on local legends, literature, ballads, occupations, and history.

The place where this can come out the most is the multi-purpose water attraction—Given its highly communal aspect. If the brand narrative of the water piggybacks on the cultural value of these stories, it can create a larger-than-life experience for the consumers in the catchment area, as well as tourists and outsiders who may hear of its unique themes from online travel agents (TripAdvisor, etc.) and social media.

Storytelling through the language of your water structures is one of the subtler aspects of boosting revenue. For example, investors planning to build a water park coastal town with a local history of pirates can create an aura of mystery and allure to their establishment by unifying the masterplan with something like Arihant Water Park Equipment’s Treasure Ship – Deep Sea. A high-quality attraction like this can also give you the space to increase your gross retail price on tickets, to improve profit margins.

More Merchandising Opportunities

On the back of an excellent brand narrative like the above, your water park will earn maximized revenue opportunities no matter the season. Why? There can be merchandising, souvenirs, and giveaways designed around the narrative: soft toys, t-shirts, swimming costumes, bags, shoes, and much more.

The idea is to persuade the audience to buy these products after their exciting day at the water park. To anchor their experience to a physical object, they will want to buy something that is instantly memorable. This merchandise will work for you even after visitors purchase it, creating brand mindshare wherever it is taken. The water park’s main distribution channels—online travel agents, hotel concierges, ticket aggregators, resellers—can also sell some of this at commission rates. In short, merchandising multiplies the reach of your marketing.

In short, an instantly recognizable, multi-purpose water attraction not only maximizes entertainment for your visitors, but also maximizes your outreach, marketing, and advertising. Investors and stakeholders in the water park industry would do well to ensure that there are at least one of these elements in the masterplan of their park!

Why are indoor water parks getting so popular ?

Why are indoor water parks getting so popular ?

The best water parks businesses are those that can utilize their assets optimally – usually this means operating the parks for the maximum allowable duration, weather permitting.. They provide adaptable programs for all types of human activity, interactive water structures for group activities, and several adrenaline-pumping rides to hold the attention of its target audience.

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