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The best water parks businesses are those that can utilize their assets optimally – usually this means operating the parks for the maximum allowable duration, weather permitting.. They provide adaptable programs for all types of human activity, interactive water structures for group activities, and several adrenaline-pumping rides to hold the attention of its target audience.

Investors in regions with unruly weather will always be wary of their returns, given that the possibility of rain or snow could shut out the visitor influx This restricts parks to be open mainly during the summers, thus making the business highly seasonal.

Enter indoor water parks!

Indoor water parks tend to be smaller, but they have several benefits that encourage investors, developers, and owners.

1. Year-round, Weather-proof Setting

The most crucial benefit of an indoor water park is its weather-agnosticism. No matter the weather or seasonal climate, patrons can revel in the technological joys of the park under extensive roofs. Continuous, year-round traffic is the linchpin of a successful water park business model. And this weather-proof system is what ensures it. To make land use more efficient, most indoor park planners ensure that each ride’s entry and return points are indoors, while allowing most of the ride’s structure to project outside the buildings.

2. Guests Savor the Intimate Scale

Most outdoor water parks are integrated into sprawling landscapes, and while this increases capacity, it can also put off patrons who do not like walking long distances to and from the rides they prefer, shivering and shuddering in the breeze! Indoor park planners are savvier to the space-conscious sensitivities of their target audience, and compress the rides and park plan into a delightful, seamless movement. Patrons can move from one slide/ride to the other with little to no hassle. As an added plus point, the cacophony of indulgent revelers—the bustling conversations, playful fights, jokes, whoops, and yells—reverberates around the enclosed space, and lends a sense of social warmth and familiarity.

3. Compact, Accessible & Fun

As mentioned before, outdoor water parks tend to sprawl over large properties, and these properties are generally found only on the outskirts of a densely populated city. This can be off-putting to potential customers, who might find the long drive to the outskirts too inconvenient. But an indoor water park, being of a smaller scale, can fit into the zoning of a city with clever planning. What this does is increase the flow of patrons, given that they will find the commute more practical. This also makes the facility more accessible for even half day or late night visits for – parties, corporate events, etc.

4. Anchor Amenity for Recreational Facilities

We had previously discussed how recreational facilities like hotels can utilize water structures to increase engagement and boost revenues. Incorporating a whole indoor water park into hotels, malls, casinos, and other retail properties is the next, logical step for developers looking to find innovative ways to create more streams of income.

With its versatile size, an indoor water park can become an anchor amenity for all these recreational facilities. This entertainment element helps drive attendance and room rates. Water ride technology has evolved at a considerable pace in the last decade. Nowadays, hotels can have more than just a simple body slide. Clever design ideas, such as the layering of rides and pushing most of the structure outdoors to increase length, have enabled a revolution in indoor water facilities.

Arihant Water Slides has long-standing experience in the field of designing and providing water park equipment for all venues, climates, and sizes. We know the value of continuous revenue-generation and understand how to implement an indoor water park to ensure it. From concept to completion, we can stick to your budgets and make your bottom lines work!

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