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Water parks are ideal stress busters for individuals who spend the majority of their time in offices working, trying to make the ends meet. It is a perfect outlet for the entire family to get out of their regular monotonous routine and have a fun filled dip in the pool. But designing a water park isn’t as easy as floating down a lazy river. It takes a whole lot of dedication coupled with great teamwork. That’s where Arihant steps in.

At Arihant, we believe that we exist for a reason and that reason is – “bringing smiles to everyone”. With our design and manufacturing expertise and our wide knowledge of the water park entertainment industry, we can custom-create a water attraction perfectly suited to your unique needs. Indeed, hundreds of water parks across the world have trusted Arihant’s abilities over the past 4 decades. And we have a long way to go.

So, how does it work for you – our customers? We’ll ask you some simple questions so that we can create a challenging, safe and fun waterpark solution for you.

How much space do you have?

What are the visitors most interested in?

What is your intended user age range?

Based on your specific requirements, we offer an array of customization options. Our team is experienced in creating innovative themes for water parks, making Arihant one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies to work with. The best part about employing Arihant is that the experts, who work tirelessly to bring the projects to life, take into consideration the interest levels of all the age groups making Arihant the most opted water park slides manufacturing company.

Arihant strictly abides by the ASTM, EN and IS standards in its work process, i.e. Designing, Material Procurement, Manufacturing, etc. Along with designing and procurement, Arihant ensures quality checks by an extremely skilled team of engineers who possess the knowledge and attention to detail required in inspecting each and every aspect of the slides and other equipment installed. From Arihant’s point of view more the smiles, the better it is for the business.

Arihant’s range of products include

  1. Multi Racer Slides
  2. Body Slides
  3. Family float Slides
  4. Thriller Slides
  5. Themed Water Activity Play System
  6. Water Movers
  7. Wave Surfer
  8. Open And Tunnel Water Slide
  9. Open Float Water Slide
  10. Spiral Water Slide
  11. Resort Water Slide
  12. Indoor Water Slide
  13. Kids Water Slide
  14. Water Slide Tubes
  15. Other Water Play Structures

Multi Racer Slides: These allow one to compete with his friends or family in a fun-filled competitive environment. These are available in two forms, namely uphill and downhill.

Body Slides: Body slide takes the rider onboard for an unexpected ride keeping the surprise element intact till the very end. These are generally the talk of the town.

Family float slides: These form a perfect outlet for the entire family to come together and scream in sync. These form a perfect addition to a water park.

Thriller Slides: These are sure to be the center of attraction wherever installed.Available in a variety of formats, with the capacity to accommodate a large number of riders, Thriller Slides are a must have for a themed water park regardless of the park’s size.

Themed Water Activity Play System: Your design and imagination coupled with our expertise and creativity are what makes a Themed Water Activity Play System. Let your imagination run wild and we will ensure it takes a picture-perfect form.

Water Movers: Recreate your very own indoor beach area with water movers. Get all the required equipment needed to create a perfect wave pool, lazy river or even motion river for people of all age groups.

Wave Surfer: Create artificial waves and surf your way through the movements of unexpected tides.  The soft riding surface allows surfers to fall without getting hurt. The speed of the waves can be adapted for various age groups allowing one and all to experience the fun.

Our offerings are proven to draw a crowd, with a large majority of our clients preferring us time and time again. We have received much of our business through word of mouth and recommendation – a true test of our quality and hard work. Contact Arihant to build and manufacture a unique Aqua Park.

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