Pendulum - Arihant Waterslides


Revisit your childhood!

It is a fun slide that will remind you of the classic see-saw feeling where you go up and down in multiple oscillations. The slide can be enjoyed with friends and family on a 2 seater float. Available in exciting themes.

Width of Bowl / Slide
2.4 meters

Rider Capacity
120-340 persons/hr

Rider Option
1/2 seater float

Exit Type
Run Out / Pool

Thrill Level

Drench Level

Slide Enhancements

Sky Light Effect

The slide comes with a natural sky light effect in ring format. The colorful natural light pass ing through the closed tunnel makes for an exciting ride expe rience and gives a feeling of an speed illusion

Signaling System

The slide comes with a natural sky light effect in ring The signaling system has traffic lights at the start of the ride which are sensor driven which goes green when a rider starts the ride and goes back to red that prevents any other rider to go ahead. Designed to optimize the ride output, it is a decision support device for the lifeguard in places where there is no line of sight


Launchers are automated start systems for slides For any specific slide, the launcher is raised to an angle from where the ride elevation and journey is on point Pros of having a launcher are Elevated ride experience and Reduced manpower

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