Is it a park with quality rides, high safety standards or great guest experience? At Arihant all of that is in our DNA! A successful waterpark is much more than a bunch of slides handpicked from a brochure and put together in a space. It takes meticulous planning and combining the right elements to give a flow to your visitors in order to make it memorable for them and profitable for park owners. A well-developed waterpark will truly raise the experience level and spending potential of the visitor and significantly add to any park’s bottom line!

Operating our own waterpark for 24 years has given us added insight into this business. These insights along with valuable feedback from our clients on visitor demands forms the basis of some of our slide designs helping us deliver industry leading ROI to the smart park investor.

Arihant has being developing parks that are not just pretty looking but are also commercially viable giving two-fold results to clients. In order to build a successful waterpark we encourage promoters to first ask themselves the ’Big 4’:

  1. Which age group does my audience fit into? – This will help you define the ride mix
  2. What is the expected turnout at the park? – This will help you optimize the design of waterpark and maximize the ROI
  3. What socio-economic category does my audience belong? – This will help you define the revenue projections
  4. What will attract my audience? – This will help you define the story for the park and weave a theme for slides

Parks are long term investment and efforts should circle towards sustaining the hype of the park. Hence while shortlisting a manufacturer for park slides, the 4 fold focus should be on quality, longevity of slides, Ride experience and Value for money. All of 4 aspects are crucial in ensuring higher returns for any park. The rides should encompass selection of fun and thrill slides in order to address the diverse set of customers.

The key difference between a bigger waterpark and a medium sized format is that in bigger waterpark there are clear designated sections for ride experiences for customer sets like thrill seekers, kids, family fun etc. While in small format a park strives to give the same in single confined space.

Of our experience and interactions with clients, we have also zeroed on certain slides that are must haves as per the size of the park. For e.g. a Waterplay structure and wave pool is a must in any park as it is a fun arena for all ages given the family oriented culture in Asia. For Typhoon Waterpark in Vietnam, Arihant supplied a 0.4 hectare (4046 sq. meters) wave pool as the park was spread across a huge space.


Adding to the difference in parks, Themes for long have been known to create an atmosphere of another place and time. It gives a story to remember and registers at a faster pace with the visitors than a normal ride. This personification and storytelling equally works towards shaping a successful park. Of our past data, current trends and client interactions, we have come to conclude that there is an aura around themes that no park visitor can ignore. The industry is shifting to characterization of attractions, including story telling. You can forget a ride but not the experience and how it made you feel!


Keeping up with the same notion, we have a host of current best-selling products that speak story and theme.

  • Plug N Play: A path-breaking concept to have multiple themes on one water play structures. Easily re-theme the water play structure at any time to keep surprising your guests. Bring your guests in back for a new feel in the new season
  • Treasure Ship: A multi-level lifelike and larger than life themed play structure! This is the perfect family themed slide play structure which has something for everyone.
  • Bay Series: Winner of ‘The Economic Times Polymer Award 2019’, this humongous slide is one of its kind 6 seater and amplifies the ride experience with 8-10 oscillations
  • Themed Crusader: Winner of ‘The Economic Times Polymer Award 2020’, this giant takes its inspiration from the various natural elements incorporating it with the slide which takes the ride experience to another level. Themes with butterfly, Cobra, Leopard, Wave Surfer have been clients favorite

Arihant has always worked towards creating the clients vision into reality. For the same we have developed themes as per the clients brief, needs and positioning. To cite an example, a park in India wanted to create a feel of Heaven in their upcoming waterpark which is also named ‘’Heaven waterpark’’.  Based on our data, that the most time spent by visitors in a park is in a Waterplay structure, we overturned the entire play structure into a ‘’Heaven Lookalike’’ What followed was a process to create a visually appealing ‘Slice of Heaven’

Similarly, a park in Srilanka, wanted to bring in the speed and rush of Car Racing in the waterpark. Arihant, based on client’s requirement, designed a unique car racing themed Waterplay structure to address the client’s requirements.

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