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Today most of the water park owners make it a point that their parks are well equipped with the latest slides and play structures and focus only on the safety. But often maintenance of these exciting slides is ignored by park operators which can invariantly decrease their return on investment.

Proper maintenance of your water park is the most vital element to extend the life of your water park equipment. Keeping a check of the slide maintenance with appropriate planning can prevent your equipment from losing their luster and patrons over time.

The best way to keep your slide looking great for years is to start protecting it from day one. Put together a schedule which includes details of ordering parts, organizing labor and planning out important dates for checks. This will allow you to stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Here are some benefits of regular maintenance:

  • It increases the life expectancy of water park equipment
  • It reduces the repair costs over the years
  • It optimizes the operational overheads
  • It helps in increasing the return on investment by saving you money
  • It minimizes the chances of injury and poor park experience

Besides, cleaning all surfaces, pools, slides, or other equipment will ensure that slime doesn’t develop. This helps in keeping things clean, and also reduces the chances of accidental slips and subsequent injuries. Read further to know the easiest way to maintain your park. For a detailed free maintenance manual fill this form and we shall email it to you

To make it easier for you to maintain your water park, we have prepared the below list of tips:

  1. Remove Any Stagnant Water from the Lines

Since this one is easy to miss, we mention this first. It is also one of the most important maintenance tasks. Even after a lot of cleaning, condensation and seepage can aid the collection of stagnant water in the system. That’s why it is important to address this right away.

  1. Check the Chemicals in the Tank

It is vital to conduct quality testing and maintain chemical stability according to local health guidelines. This will minimize any nasty surprises that may come your way.

  1. Run a Systems Check

You must make sure that you run fresh water through all water park equipment before opening for park. And again, after making any repairs or adjustments, it is imperative to ensure that the flow remains consistent and meets equipment specifications. You should also attend to this task beforehand so you will have enough time to fix any problems and retest the system.

  1. Check for Leaks

Before and after the systems check, carefully inspect lines and joints for leaks. Be vigilant of any pooling or standing water near lines or equipment.

  1. Pressurize the Lines

Usually, the water you get from municipal sources has a higher pressure than required for your equipment. That’s why you must first transfer that water to balancing tanks and check if the flow control valves are working the way they are supposed to. And if they are offering the right operating pressure to later transfer to the slides.

  1. Conduct a Safety Check for all Water Toys

Keep a close eye on every piece of water park equipment and look for signs of wear and tear, holes, cracks, and chips on play surfaces. You should also check if all joints are tightened and if all water supply filters are free from debris or blockages.

  1. Check Electrical Systems

This is especially important as a problem with electrical systems can potentially electrocute someone. So, ensure that all electrical lines, control panels, connections, and surrounding areas are dry and other safety measures are in place.

We hope that these tips will prove useful the next time you do maintenance for your water park.

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