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Established in the year 1978, Arihant Water Park Equipment is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of a premium range of Water Park Equipment. We have been effective in serving a broad variety of high-quality products, such as Body Slides, Float Slides, and Thriller Slides due to our dedicated factory spread on an area of 360000 sq.ft. Our extensive array of equipment has earned us a great repute in the challenging market conditions for its proposed quality, high rider’s capacity, precise dimensions, excellent covering, and weather resistant, stain resistant and long-lasting functionality. Furthermore, owing to our competitive price structure, we have been able to penetrate into the global market as a force to be reckoned with.

Our client’s trust in us has encouraged us to arrive at this pioneering status. Indeed, our technology-oriented infrastructure helps us to strengthen our hard-working workforce. This helps us in producing the finest quality of products. Moreover, we understand that our innovative products are the key differentiator in our operational distinction, which marks the difference. Our effort thus produces finest attractions which have gained accolades worldwide.

Apart from the traditional products which are must-haves for any water park, we also have a few signature water structures that give us an edge over other manufacturers and elevate even the simplest of the water park.

  1. Aquadisc
  2. Aqua funnel
  3. Bowl n bowl
  4. Spider Slide
  5. Crusader slide
  6. Float tornado
  7. Multilane Racer Slide
  8. Open And Tunnel Water Slide
  9. Open Float Water Slide
  10. Spiral Water Slide



It is our patented water structure and is exclusively available only with us. The entire structure is equipped with disco lights along with acoustics for proper sound circulation and flowing water in the form of shower giving the visitors a fun-filled rain dance experience. To keep everyone pumped up, high voltage music accompanied by lighting forms a perfect combination making it an instant crowd favorite. The area can also be a great place for hosting themed birthday parties, wedding, and beach parties.

Aqua Funnel:

It is a cone-shaped circular funnel in which the riders ride in a float entering through a tunnel to experience a momentary Zero-Gravity experience. The centrifugal forces keeping them high on the wall for several turns after a series of exciting oscillations through the funnel, riders descend through the closed tunnel landing into the pool.

Bowl N’ Bowl:

It comprises of two circular bowls in which the rider rides on a float. The two bowls are connected by a tunnel, the one through which the rider enters into the second bowl. The centrifugal force keeps the rider on the walls and after several turns, rider enters the tunnel from the first bowl and into the second one and once again after a few turns end in a small pool or a safe landing area.

Spider Slide:

It is a highly competitive multilane mat slide which descends through high speed enclosed tubes that spiral alongside each other into a surprise drop as riders compete with each other to be the fastest. The slide is available with special skylight effects creating a unique experience for the riders.

Crusader Slide:

A U-shaped slide where the riders enter the slide through a float tube and experience a free fall after which they go uphill before exiting from the back of the slide

Float Tornado:

This is a slide in which the riders enter a bowl sliding through a tunnel slide and exit through another tunnel slide after taking turns in the bowl.

Our team of skilled engineers has conceptualized these unique fun slides just to give an extra adrenaline rush to the guests.

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