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Splash pads or water play structures have known to attract the kids for ages. But their popularity in the water park industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently. The mere inclusion of a water activity play structure increases the footfalls of any water park and ups its value.

By definition, a splash pad or play structure is a leisure area constructed in a water park or a hotel and resort that has little or no standing water. This advantage eliminates the chances of drowning and thus requires zero supervision or presence of any lifeguards. Having water play activity structure in a park attracts families more as the parents can have a safe play area which keeps the kids occupied while they enjoy the thrill rides.

Typically a water play structure consists of various striking elements. These include kid slides, closed and open body slides and splash roof with tilting buckets. The play is usually are custom designed around a particular theme and have miniatures and structures which enhance the fun quotient of the park. The water play structures can be as small a 2-platform structure or can go up to being a 21 platform structure where the platforms act as connectors in the structure. The water activity play structures are coupled with components like water curtains, sprinklers, inverted umbrellas and fountains, sprinklers and water cannons to double the excitement among kids of all ages.


With over 420 projects worldwide, Arihant water park equipment has a forte in designing and theming unique water play structures. Their recent WAPS was a part of an entire park in Thailand and it had a distinctive 11 platform structure with a Caribbean theme. One of their play structures in Australia grabbed the media eye and got covered across news channels in the city. This is what they had to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV5yAeOxy6s

Arihant not just uses the established themes but are also experienced in customizing themes as per the client’s vision and requirements. This gives them the upper hand as opposed to others in the industry.

It is a proven fact that children find water play both calming and invigorating. Vigorous splashing and kicking and running around in the water can be an excellent way for kids to have fun and let off steam! Water parks, hotels, and resorts thus should include attractive water play structure to keep their little guests entertained while they enjoy to the fullest.

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