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Boost Your Waterpark’s Off-Season Profits: Effective Strategies

Boost Your Waterpark's Off-Season Profits: Effective Strategies Off-seasons are bad for any business if they don’t adopt effective strategies. You put into high capital and resources, and they remain idle during the off-season. That surely means you require to keep exploring ways for increasing waterparks visitors during off-seasons. Boosting off-season profits for a waterpark requires [...]

The Evolution Of Water Park Designs- From Simple Slide To Thrilling Aquatic Adventures

The Evolution Of Water Park Designs- From Simple Slide To Thrilling Aquatic Adventures Who doesn’t enjoy going to water parks? Everyone likes the blue, glittering waves and lively water rides that rush your adrenaline. Be it cute toddlers, energetic adults, or excellent elderly, everyone keeps looking for ways to enjoy themselves at water parks. However, [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Season Pool Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Season Pool Maintenance Winter is coming, so it's time to start thinking about off-season pool maintenance. And what's better than this off-season pool cleaning guide for you? A pool requires cleanness and well-maintenance irrespective of being used or not used. Mainly, pools are closed during the rainy and winter months, necessitating [...]

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers

Ways To Attract The South Flocking Campers! Making the most of Snowbird Camping Season   Every year from November to March millions of vacationers from the Northern and colder states of the US flock towards South to soak in the pleasant weather and sunny days in what is commonly known as Snowbird Camping. These snowbird [...]

Waterkingdom Park Creates A Splash In Nepal

The Water kingdom park and resort situated in the region of Jhapa, Nepal has recently opened its doors to the public. Inaugurated by the Former Prime Minister: KP Sharma Oli on 9th Jan 2022, this park is an important project directed by Mr. Sangraula. Developed in 2.5 acres of land with an investment of $350 [...]

Arihant Water Park – Milestone Achieved in 2021


Arihant Water Park Equipment, a division of Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd., has won the highly prestigious CII Design Award 2021 yet again for the second time in a row. This award was conferred for their newest installation – The Blizzard that made its grand entry at the GRS waterpark Mysore! The CII Design Excellence Awards, [...]

Rise of Resorts and Campgrounds – The short break holiday trend

Given the fact that every individual was confined to their four walls involuntarily during the pandemic, they are now wanting to step out desperately! As we approach 2022 many countries have cautiously reopened after months of lockdowns while people are seeking to return to normal life in their own safe ways. The pandemic has not […]

Arihant’s Managing Director Accepts 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award

Rajen Shah, the managing director of Arihant Water Park Equipment, received the 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award at the IAAPA Expo held between 15-19th November. His award was announced earlier this year in September; this was the ceremony where the IAAPA officially extended it to him, with the accompanying commendations and backstory. In the online [...]

Arihant Extends Thanks to All Who Attended 2021 IAAPA Expo

For those who are familiar with the global attractions industry, the IAAPA Expo is the biggest annual event in its calendar. Entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors from amusement parks, water parks, zoos, museums, and resorts—from all over the world—network at a common venue in the U.S. to further the cause of the business. As a premier [...]

4 Steps Water Parks Take to Make Profits in the Off-Season

Winter is nearing. And while many people revel in the holidays it brings, we know that for the waterpark industry, these months are slow. In India, where we enjoy tropical climate for the majority of the year, water parks enjoy sufficient visitor influx in the months of April to October. The hot weather persuades people [...]

4 Strategies Water Parks are Applying to Make the Most of Revenge Tourism

The state government of Maharashtra will open up dry amusement parks and cinemas on October 22, signaling the final phase before normalcy. Though the decision on water parks has been deferred, over the last three months, as lockdowns were lifted and second vaccinations were taken, the general mood is that of optimism—the shadow of the […]

How Multi-Purpose Attractions can Help Boost your Revenue

In the world of entrepreneurship, there is a saying: “Money is always eager and ready to work for anyone who is ready to employ it.” Within the water park industry, this is no different. Money drives the entertainment value of the water park experience, especially when invested into consumer-sensitive design. And this is most relevant [...]

How Parks Can Leverage The JOLA Effect And Revenge Tourism

With the pandemic showing signs of retreat, the month of August witnessed an exponential interest in water parks and other leisure centers. The stress accumulated over the past few months during the second pandemic wave has forced people to seek venues to sit back, relax and enjoy with family and friends. A global phenomenon which [...]

Arihant’s Managing Director wins the 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award

Mumbai, September 3, 2021: Mr. Rajen Shah, managing director of Indian water slide design and manufacturing company Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd., was recently proclaimed winner of the 2021 IAAPA Outstanding Service Award. The IAAPA Outstanding Service Award recognizes exemplary service to the global attractions industry in the form of entrepreneurial vigor, mentorship, subject matter expertise, [...]

Camping H2O Canada adds a spectacular Body Bowl this season!

Description: Situated in Montreal, this camp site has been attracting families. Known for its wave pool which is largest in the province of Quebec, Camping H2O boasts of watersides and three  different karting tracks. It is a full-service campground for visitors and seasonal campers!   Summary of Attractions: Body Bowl:  This bowl-like slide with multiple [...]

Arihant Water Slides Moves into a Bigger And Contemporary Designed Office!

Arihant Water Park Equipment, a leading Global supplier in water slides, has relocated its head office to Mumbai Metropolitan region keeping in mind its global aspiration and accessibility for its International customers. To meet the global requirements in innovative water slides design and high skilled engineering, a work environment which promotes creative thinking through collaboration [...]

Evite Este Error Al Abrir Su Parque Acuático

Un parque acuático es un proyecto intrincadamente detallado que requiere una gran cantidad de personas para trabajar simultáneamente para atraer a los visitantes. Se invierten meses de investigación y desarrollo técnico en la creación de un parque exitoso que no solo sea atractivo sino también lo suficientemente eficiente como para generar los mejores rendimientos para los [...]

Descifrando el auge del mercado inmobiliario de lujo: las funciones de juego derraman más efectivo

La pandemia puede haber afectado al mercado inmobiliario, pero el celo con el que la gente está recurriendo a las casas de lujo no tiene precedentes. Para disipar el blues de la pandemia, muchas empresas inmobiliarias han comenzado a vender propiedades residenciales de lujo que utilizan programación de vanguardia en forma de "clubes de campo verticales", [...]

¿Por Qué Los Parques Acuáticos Cubiertos Se Están Volviendo Tan Populares?

Las mejores empresas de parques acuáticos son aquellas que pueden utilizar sus activos de manera óptima; por lo general, esto significa operar los parques durante la duración máxima permitida, si el clima lo permite. Proporcionan programas adaptables para todo tipo de actividad humana, estructuras de agua interactivas para actividades grupales y varios atracciones llenas de [...]

Water Bomb waterpark all set to open doors in 2021

The Water Bomb waterpark situated in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh is all set to open its door to public. Currently in its last leg of completion, the park is touted to be one of the hottest and most awaited recreational spot in the city. The park is the brainchild of Gupta Group. SahilGupta, outlines his vision for [...]

Why are indoor water parks getting so popular ?

The best water parks businesses are those that can utilize their assets optimally – usually this means operating the parks for the maximum allowable duration, weather permitting.. They provide adaptable programs for all types of human activity, interactive water structures for group activities, and several adrenaline-pumping rides to hold the attention of its target audience.

How Water Park Can Boost Ancillary Revenue Effectively? (Infographics)

Sri Lanka’s Largest Waterpark Set to Open with all Arihant Attractions

David Pieris Group – Srilanka’s multi-business conglomerate which also operates Asia’s finest Go Karting track wanted to expand its leisure portfolio with an addition of a water park of global standards. The David Pieris and the Arihant team took up the challenge to design a differentiated water park with some highly customized experiences. The investor […]

Arihant Water Park Equipment Wins the Prestigious CII Award 2020

Arihant Water Park Equipment recently won the 2020 CII Award, the 10th edition of these awards organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry. The event was themed on “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” the government initiative of a self-sufficient India. It is a theme that utilizes design, research, and development to encourage industrial growth and long-term economic viability […]

Kuwait’s largest water Park set to open with All Arihant Attractions!

Kuwait’s one of the most successful leisure and entertainment groups have joined hands with Arihant Waterpark Equipment for their expansion project to build the largest aqua park in Kuwait. The Entertainment conglomerate owns and operates premium leisure assets including Aqua Park, Dino Adventures, Cartoon Network World, Casper Scare School, Discovery and Happy Land in the […]

Arihant Launches the Blizzard Raft Slide!

Arihant’s Innovation Lab has launched a Raft Slide Experience like no other. Through careful study of all water slide experiences, the team has launched its ‘Patent Pending’ Product Blizzard. The product amplifies the experience that is available currently, by creating a unique high G slide motions that give the user longer travel path & higher […]

Deciphering The Luxury Real Estate Market Boom: Play Features Splash out More Cash

The pandemic may have encumbered the real estate market, but the zeal with which people are turning to luxury homes is unprecedented. Dispelling the pandemic blues, many real estate majors have started selling luxury residential properties that utilize avant-garde programming in the form of “vertical country clubs,” yoga studios, game rooms, and various childcare and [...]

Avoid This 1 Mistake When Opening Your Water Park

A waterpark is an intricately detailed project which requires a host of people to work on simultaneously in order to woo the visitors. Months of technical research and development are spent in creating a successful park that is not just good looking but also efficient enough to drive best returns for the owners. Often project [...]

4 Ways Water Parks Can Boost Ancillary Revenue to Stay Successful

Waterparks, given their investments and fixed costs are always on the lookoutto find alternate streams of revenue to boost their profit margins.

Arihant Water Park – Milestone Achieved in 2020

Moving Away From Traditional Hotel Spaces With Water Play Structures

We’re now in the 2020s. We’ve left behind traditional mediums of standardized experience. As customers, we now exercise choices more than we ever did before—as customers, we customize experiences to our minutest preferences. It is the Experience Economy at play. Fixed-schedule television is dead, music is mobile, and the tourism and travel industry no longer […]

Maintaining a Water Park During an Off-season

Keep Your Guests Coming Back for More: 5 Essentials for Creating a Thriving Water Park

Water parks are considered as a destination location and serve as a major attraction for families. Many people are even willing to travel from different cities and countries to have a funfilled experience at water parks. This is because water parks are much more than just slides. They foster pure and unadulterated joy and offer […]

Custom Water Play Attractions – Optimizing that limited space in your park!

Project Showcase: Adventure Landing, USA The Adventure Landing is a group of amusement parks located in Florida, New York, North Carolina and Texas. Their first park was opened in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 1995 and it was a success. The original park had a small pool with a master blaster slide passing over. The owners […]

Themed Water Attractions – The Next Big thing?

Themed Water Attractions – The Next Big thing? Latest trends to increase visitor traction A successful waterpark is much more than a bunch of slides handpicked from a brochure and put together in a space. It takes meticulous planning and combining the right elements to give a flow to your visitors in order to make [...]

7 Helpful Waterpark Maintenance Tips You Should Know!

Today most of the water park owners make it a point that their parks are well equipped with the latest slides and play structures and focus only on the safety. But often maintenance of these exciting slides is ignored by park operators which can invariantly decrease their return on investment. Proper maintenance of your water [...]

Crafting a successful waterpark

Is it a park with quality rides, high safety standards or great guest experience? At Arihant all of that is in our DNA! A successful waterpark is much more than a bunch of slides handpicked from a brochure and put together in a space. It takes meticulous planning and combining the right elements to give [...]

Saving on Wave Pool Power Consumption

Spending time at a waterpark has become a popular activity for people across the globe. People prefer cooling off in wave pools and sliding down water slides when the weather heats up. But the immense crowds are limited to a certain season whereas rest of the seasons goes relatively easy for water parks In such [...]

Revamp Your Waterpark And Attract Visitors

Water parks often need an up gradation in terms of slides and water play structures to continue attracting the visitors and offering them something new to come back to. These would serve as an extension to the existing theme of the water park. It is the USP of that particular slide or play structure that […]

How To Attract Visitors To Your Water Park

We at Arihant Water Park Equipment believe that all water parks are capable of drawing business. As they say devil lies in the details, there are these minute dots that one needs to join which are often ignored or over looked.

World’s Craziest Water Slides

When it comes to water slides, water park lovers are always expecting something extraordinary waiting for them, something that they will be talking about for a long time afterward. A 120 ft drop at 60 km/h is more like music to their ears and this is the reason why engineers of today keep pushing their […]

History Of Water Slides

History textbooks have been store houses of information about some of the most important events in the history of mankind – wars, politics, immigration events, etc. But when it comes to trivia, there is hardly any place that you could learn about some equally important facts. The History of Water Slides, for example, has not […]

Top 5 Water Parks In India

As summer approaches, the heat is on the rise and summer vacations are just around the corner. It is that time of the year when one is on the lookout for a refreshing day out to beat the summer heat. It can be inside a mall, a movie cinema or even a coffee shop where […]

Arihant Partners With Hafema

As they say, good times just keep on coming, and here we are announcing our new collaborative effort. We are super excited to announce that Arihant Water Park Equipment has now partnered with Hafema Water Ride Systems for providing water rides to water parks in India and SAARC region. Innovation is what brings us together. […]

Top Five Exhibitions For Attractions Industry

IAAPA Founded in 1918, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) is the largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide. The organization represents facility, supplier, and individual members from 99 countries, including professionals from: Amusement parks, theme parks, and attractions Family entertainment centers Museums and science centers Water parks and […]

World’s Best Water Parks That We Have Worked With

Wherever you head to this New Year, nothing will bring more joy than enjoying a splash into a water park with the entire family. Arihant Water Park Equipment has worked with a majority of renowned water parks around the world, so whichever water park you are planning on; there is a high possibility that Arihant […]

5 Must Try Water Slides This Christmas Season

It’s time to rejoice! Christmas is finally upon us as we begin the countdown to the most exciting time of the year. This is the time when food, parties, and fun will unite families around the world. Each family has a tradition set around the Holidays. While it is true that nostalgia forms an integral […]

Setting Up A Successful Water Park In India

A water park is one of the most visited places when it comes to leisure and entertainment. Ideally, a water park has attractions ranging from Thrill rides to family slides to kids play area making it popular amongst people of all ages and walks of life. But a waterpark is not just a place for […]

Arihant Water Park Equipment’s Signature Slides

Established in the year 1978, Arihant Water Park Equipment is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of a premium range of Water Park Equipment. We have been effective in serving a broad variety of high-quality products, such as Body Slides, Float Slides, and Thriller Slides due to our dedicated factory spread on an area of 360000 sq.ft. […]

Safety Measures Incorporated While Manufacturing Water Slides

The plunges, the splashes, and all that one does while having a jolly good time at a water park is because one feels comfortable and trusts that the park is complying with all required safety standards. Safety is an amusement park’s number one priority. Water slides which are full of thrill and play structures with […]


Splash pads or water play structures have known to attract the kids for ages. But their popularity in the water park industry has grown by leaps and bounds recently. The mere inclusion of a water activity play structure increases the footfalls of any water park and ups its value. By definition, a splash pad or […]

IAAPA is coming!!!

IAAPA is a premier trade association for the attractions industry worldwide. It was founded in 1918. It is the largest international trade association for permanently located amusement facilities and attractions, and is dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the attractions industry. The association’s global headquarters is in Alexandria, Virginia, United States and it maintains […]

How Arihant Is Making The World A Happy Place

Water parks are ideal stress busters for individuals who spend the majority of their time in offices working, trying to make the ends meet. It is a perfect outlet for the entire family to get out of their regular monotonous routine and have a fun filled dip in the pool. But designing a water park […]

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